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Party/Benefit for AR Cheerleaders TONIGHT!!!

We are having a kick ass benefit TONIGHT with a super fly raffle, yummy food, a movie, and a funkadelic dance party.
Don't be a sucka, do yourself a favor and get your bad self to the Radical Cheerleading Benefit March 21st for some tasty food, a bad a** movie (Coffy) and a funkadelic dance party. Remember, this is a fund raiser so bring some cash to support our squad.
March 21st ~ 8pm ~ 5226 NE Davis
Awwww Yeah!!

Dress Funky!
Check out the movie "Coffy" for ideas on what to wear

Some of the prizes for the raffle are
-$70 gift certificate to Scapegoat Tattoo
-HELD vegan belts
-Herbivore goodies and more..........

Trust me....you don't want to miss this! :)

Movie + Dancing $3 - $5
Drinks $2 - $5
Snacks $1 - $4

(No one turned away for lack of funds!)

homepage: homepage: http://radicalcheerleaders4ar.blogspot.com/