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Local Online Publication seeks video artworks to share with a diverse and amazing online community.
Oregon Literary Review's Video Arts section seeks works by local film and video artists. Your work will be presented in the manner seen here:  http://orelitrev.startlogic.com/v4n1/vidarts.htm

We are in our third year of presenting video arts in the context of a comprehensive online arts journal.

The current edition features:
*readings on video from Wordstock and First Wednesday, including
+ William Kittredge
+ Vern Rutsala
+ Lawson Inada
+ Barbara Drake
+ Al Young
+ Sam Hamill
+ Marvin Bell
+ Primus St. John
+ Craig Lesley
+ Diana Abu-Jaber
+ Molly Gloss
+ Linda Bierds
+ and many more
* stories by Jeanpaul Ferro, Tim Keppel
* essays by Carla Perry, Louis Gallo
* plays by C. Rosaline Bell, Timothy Braun
* art and photography by Amy Bernays, Richard Krawiec
* video by Joaquin Baldwin, Aleksey Budovskiy
and much more.

Send queries that include an example (link) to your work(s), your contact information and a short biographical statement to Julie Madsen at maemadsen [at] gmail.com.
Please provide an artist's statement upon acceptance.