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Warning: Human Rights Walkathon is Scientology

The notorious Scientology Corporation attempts to hide its identity behind humerous fake fronts, fictitious company names, all in an effort to try to get their messiah L. Ron Hubbard's bizarre notions accepted out in the real world.
Scientology crime boss Heber Jentzsch, arrested espionage, fraud, racketeering
Scientology crime boss Heber Jentzsch, arrested espionage, fraud, racketeering
Recently the Scientology Corporation posted an article to this Indymedia forum touting their "Third annual human rights walkathon" which can be found here:


What the Scientology crime syndicate did not mention was that the "event" only had about 30 participants, only two of which were not fellow Scientology crime bosses, ringleaders, or customers. A quick Google search on one of the non-fake names "Linda Drazkowski" continuies to show that this scam is in fact Scientology:


While it is unlikely that anybody here gave thesae crooks any money, it is still important to constantly point out the attempted scams and frauds Scientology commits under its numerous fake names and fronts.

Scientology is a profound denier of basic civil rights and human rights, operating an internal prison system they call their "Rehabilitation Project Force," an academic review by Dr Stephen Kent which can be found here:


Television station KESQ has been running an investigative report on the Scientology crime syndicate's frauds, scams, and human rights abuses, some details of which can be found on their web site and at the discussion forums which have cropped up all over the Internet to cover Scientology's denial of human rights:




Scientology is organized crime. They commit their crimes and abuses solely for money. The criminal enterprise does not care one whit about civil rights or human rights. The syndicate's attempts to pretend they're some how in favor of rights of any kind if simply more of the notoriously criminal enterprise's endless marking scams.

Anybody with questions regarding Scientology may email me at  frice@skeptictank.org

My opinions only and only my opinions.

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