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Support Eric McDavid Tour Headed to the Northwest - Your Help Needed!

We will be headed north soon, and would love to stop in your community...
Dear Friends,

We've almost made it through Winter and now we're itching to get back on the road and continue our tour. Eric has been locked in a cage for over three years now, and we refuse to remain silent about his case and the wider implications it carries for anyone engaging in dissent. Eric has suffered enormous injustices at the hands of the state - and we want to do everything we can to make sure that people don't forget about Eric, that they understand how his case was created, and to ensure that people learn what they can from our experiences these past 3 years.

To that end, we will be heading to the northwest to educate folks about Eric's case, which we will use as a lens through which to study the basic concepts of entrapment, the use of informants, and government repression in general. Unfortunately, the use of these tools by the state is becoming more and more prevalent, and it's imperative that people understand how they work.

In addition to the presentation itself, we will be accompanied by friends who will bring us some beautiful musical catharsis. Nora & Gnoll and Spoke Pants of the Flowering Skillet, from the Anarchozarkian Music Collective will be touring with us, straight from the bowels of the midwest. We assure you, you won't be disappointed. (See below for links to music)

If you are interested in scheduling a presentation in your community, please contact us at:  tour@supporteric.org. We will be on the road during the month of June. Below is a rough estimate of when we'll be in specific areas.

For more information about Eric and his case, please visit: www.supporteric.org

We hope to see you soon!

(Very) Tentative "Schedule"

San Francisco, CA: June 5-7

Arcata, CA: June 8-10 (OR July 1-2)

Eugene, OR: June 11-13 (OR June 29-30)

Portland, OR: June 13-16 (OR June 25-28)

Astoria, OR: June 16-17 (OR June 23-24)

Olympia, WA: June 18-20

Seattle, WA: June 20-22

Nora and Gnoll

Spoke Pants of the Flowering Skillet

homepage: homepage: http://www.supporteric.org