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Labor Marching on Wall St April 3rd

Bunch of unions telling Wall St. crooks what's up.
March on Wall Street, Bail Out the People Not the Banks

On APRIL 3 - STOP Business As Usual
Tell the Wall Street Bankers:
"We are sick and tired of trillions for the banks and pennies for the people -
We demand Employee Free Choice Act Now!"

To Our Sister and Brother Trade Unionists:

We call on you to join the April 3-4 MARCH ON WALL STREET on the anniversary of the day Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. gave his life fighting for social and economic justice.

Let us remind the world that part of Dr. King's dream was that everyone should have the right to a job or an income. Rekindling that dream could not be more crucial today when the worse economic crisis since the 1930s is throwing 20,000 workers out of a job each day.

Why Wall Street?

Because we must demand that the needs of the people come before the greed of the bankers, CEOs and billionaires!

The voice of union members and their representatives must be heard on April 3 when Wall Street is open for business and continue to Saturday, April 4. Come out and march as a contingent under your union banner for the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA). March to stop budget cuts and layoffs. March for jobs. March for union rights!

Join community activists who want to stop foreclosures and evictions, students and youth who want an end to endless war and who are fighting to stop tuition hikes and student debt, immigrant families standing up for their rights, and seniors who need their pensions and health care protected.

The people made history when they elected President Barack Obama under the banner of "change." But no individual no matter how honest or sincere can do it alone.

We must rise to the occasion and do our part in making sure that the voices of the corporate elite do not drown out and destroy the voices of everyday people.

We can do it! Si se puede! MARCH ON WALL STREET!

In solidarity,

The following trade unionists have added their names in support of the Bail out the People call for a National March on Wall Street on Friday, April 3 - when Wall Street is open for business and continuing to Saturday, April 4.

Please sign on at  http://www.bailoutpeople.org/wallstendorse.shtml (check the "Union or Labor" box)

* Black Workers for Justice, Raleigh, NC
* Boston School Bus Drivers Union, USWA Local 8751, MA
* Teamsters Local 808, LIC, NY
* Service Employees International Union, Local 721 Latino Caucus
* North Carolina Public Service Workers Union-UE Local 150
* New York City Labor Against the War
* Clarence Thomas, ILWU Local 10* and Million Worker March Movement
* Chris Silvera, Sec.-Treas., Teamsters Local 808, LIC, NY
* Brenda Stokely, Million Worker March Movement
* David Sole, President, UAW Local 2334,* Detroit, MI
* Rosie Martinez, Exec. Bd. SEIU Local 721,* and Chair, Latino Caucus SEIU Local 721, CA
* Ed Gorham, Pres., Maine State AFL-CIO,* ME
* Ron Patenaude, Pres., UAW Local 2322,* Holyoke, MA
* Michael Letwin, Co-Convener, New York City Labor Against the War
* Chuck Mohan, Pres., Guyanese American Workers United,* NY
* Julie Fry, VP, Assn. of Legal Aid Attorneys, UAW, Local 2325,* NY
* Steve Gillis, Vice-Pres., USWA, Local 8751, Boston, MA
* Ed Childs, Chief Shop Steward, Local 26, HERE/UNITE,* Boston, MA
* Gregory Dunkel, Chapter Chair, AFT, Local 2334/PSC,* NY
* Mike Eilenfeldt, Delegate, NYC Central Labor Council, NYSUT, Local 37-901, AFT, AFL-CIO*, NY
* Sharon Eolis, (ret.), Delegate, NYS Nurses Assn.,* NY
* Mike Gimbel, AFSCME, Local 375, Delegate NYC Central Labor Council,* NY
* Martha Grevatt, Trustee, UAW Local 122,* Twinsburg, OH
* Nathan Head, Int'l Rep., UAW Solidarity House,* Detroit, MI
* Sue Kelly, Sec.-Treas., OPEIU, Local 334,* Kitty Hawk, NC
* Steve Kirschbaum, Grievance Chair, USWA, Local 8751,* Boston, MA
* Bryan G. Pfeifer, Staff Organizer, Union of Part-Time Faculty, AFT, WSU,* Detroit, Mi.
* Andre Powell, Delegate, AFL-CIO, Baltimore Central Labor Council*, MD
* Gerry Scoppettuolo, Co-founder, Gay and Lesbian Labor Network, PAW, AFL-CIO,* Boston, MA
* Dave Welsh, Delegate, San Francisco Labor Council,* CA
* Sharon Black, Federation of Nurses/UFT,* NY
* Sara Catalinotto, AFT Local 2334,* Bronx, NY
* Peter Cook, Boston Teachers Union, Local 66, MFT AFTT,* MA
* Heather Cottin, Professional Staff Congress, CUNY,* NY
* Susan E. Davis, National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981*, NY
* Ellie Dorritie, (ret.), American Postal Workers Union,* Buffalo, NY
* Michele Finkelman, AFSCME, Local 215,* NY
* Sherry Finkelman, UFT Local 2,* NY
* Beverly Hiestand (ret.), RN, CWA Local 1168*, Buffalo, NY
* Donna Lazarus, UFT,* NY
* Dianne Mathiowetz (ret.), UAW, Local 10,* Atlanta, GA
* Stephen Millies, Transport Communications International Union (TCU-IAM), District 1402*, NY
* Monica Moorehead, National Writers Union, UAW Local 1981*, NY
* Milt Neidenberg, (ret.), Teamsters, Local 840,* NY
* Frank Neisser, (ret.), CWA Local 1701,* MA
* Gary Schaefer, (ret.), IBT, Local 111*, NJ

What you can do to help:

1. Endorse the Bail Out People Not Banks National March on Wall Street, April 3-4 -  http://www.bailoutpeople.org/wallstendorse.shtml (check the "Union or Labor" box)
2. Mobilize your local union - http://www.bailoutpeople.org/wallstvolorgcent.shtml
3. Volunteer to get the word out-  http://bailoutpeople.org/wallstvolorgcent.shtml
4. Become an Organizing Center -  http://www.bailoutpeople.org/wallstvolorgcent.shtml
5. Help raise funds -  http://bailoutpeople.org/donate.shtml

Bail Out the People Movement
Solidarity Center
55 W. 17th St. #5C
New York, NY 10011