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Earth First! Roadshow Westcoast Tour

The Earth First! Roadshow will be crossing the country this spring with the
goal of renewing a grassroots ecological direct action movement in the U.S.
To fellow allies of animals and Earth,

The Earth First! Roadshow will be crossing the country this spring with the
goal of renewing a grassroots ecological direct action movement in the U.S.
We are looking to network and collaborate with groups in the animal rights
community, with the intent of bridging gaps that exist in our movements and
inspiring people to join the frontlines of the fight for the Earth and our
animal friends.

Especially now, in this time where repression is targeting our efforts with
new absurd anti-activist legislation and 'terrorism enhancement' charges
locking friends in jail. Just this month, a new governmental sweep spawned
with the arrest of 6 animal liberation activists all being charged with
the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act (AETA).

While Earth First! (EF!) has been involved in a wide array of issues, we
have always rooted ourselves in the defense of the wild and in opposition to
species-ism. We have been promoting immediate urgent action since the EF!
movement's inception 28 years ago; this past September even Al Gore started
promoting civil disobedience for the environment. Those of us paying
attention to the bigger picture see that the pending ecological collapse
demands a broader reaction than just blocking a few new coal plants. It
means a fundamental change in the way we humans see ourselves in relation to
the other species around us.

The greed and arrogance that resulted in fossil fuel driving climate change
has also manifested in so many other destructive and violent ways that can't
be ignored. The call that Gore made, for "young people blocking bulldozers"
must be applied to much more than just coal plants and more than just young
people. We need to fight for all threatened ecosystems and the animals that
inhabit them; we must begin the process of restoring whats been
destroyed--its going to take all of us giving it all we got.

We are offering trainings across the country for safe, strategic direct
action and civil disobedience. Will you help us?

Two primary things we are looking for: participation supporters and funds to
keep the Roadshow rolling.

Westcoast Tour Schedule

6/13- Reno, NV
6/14- Oakland, CA
6/15- San Francisco, CA
6/16- 6/18- Arcata, CA
6/19- 6/22- Trans & Womyn's Action Camp, OR
6/23- Eugene, OR
6/24- Portland, OR
6/25- Olympia, WA
6/26- Astoria, OR
6/27- Portland, OR
6/28- Portland, OR Let Live Animal Rights Conference
6/29- Cascadia Earth First! Round River Rendezvous

For more info on the Westcoast Roadshow or for flyers, contact:

For more info on the National roadshow, contact the EF! Roadshow planning
collective directly at:
 earthfirstroadshow@gmail.com, (330)423-1823

homepage: homepage: http://www.earthfirstroadshow.wordpress.com