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Were is my bonus?

money, get the money
Individuals for Justice
Individuals for Justice
Bonuses for who?

American International Group-AIG

So you think you know about the AIG scandal? No you don't.

**sen. christopher dodd says things like:

"One way or another, we're going to try to figure out how to get these resources back,"

**dodd is the biggest recipient of money from AIG-----$280,000.00 (from 1989-2008)

**sen. chuck schumer says:

"If you don't return it on your own we will do it for you,"
chucky comes in 3rd with $111,000.00

President Obama says:

"Recklessness and Greed" He pledged to try to block payment of the bonuses.

Pres. Obama got $107,000.00. He got most of his loot in 2008, at least dodd can say, well it was over 20 years. Pres. Obama has only been around a few years. Yes, our little **sen. mccain is up there too, did he not blast the guys for taking bonuses?

My point is simple, when you listen to KPOJ or Air America you are only getting the democratic talking points and not the truth. The top ten of politicians who got big money went to 6 dems 4 reps. Please look at the list and smile that Oregon did OK---save my friend **sen. wyden who made the list but took only a few thousand over a long period of time.

Why was **sen. dodd the big boy, the number one recipient? Don't know but maybe it had something to do with him being the chair of some committee, say like the Banking Committee?

** Again, will not use capitals when identifying names of crooks or other professionals.

Take a look:
 link to www.opensecrets.org

For Justice and Peace,
Joe Walsh

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