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Food Not Bombs Presentation and General Meeting @Red and Black March 18th

Join us Wed March 18th at the Red and Black Cafe at 7pm for a presentation by one of the founders of food not bombs, Keith Mchenry. Intrested in learening more about Food Not Bombs history or wanting to help out in portland? Come on down for the presentation and meet people from Portland Food Not Bombs and learn how to get involved in the local chapters.
Over 800 million people are going with out regualr meals as a result of
the global economic crisis. Over 20 percent of public school students in
America are homeless. Record forclosures are sending families to seek
meals at Food Not Bombs in communities all over the globe. Food Not Bombs
is responding to the global economic crisis by sharing vegetarian meals
every week in over 1,000 communities, planting community gardens, housing
the homeless in abandoned building, organizing really Really Free Markets
and taking nonviolent direct actions. The Bake Goods Not Bank Bailouts
Tour includes a presentation about the history, principles and the current
actions taking place in over 1,000 communities around the world. Learn the
story of how eight college students started Food Not Bombs in Boston in
1980. Learn about the principles of Food Not Bombs and why it is so
important for the movement to have no formal leaders and is able to be so
effective because of its decentralized autonomous structure. The
presentation explores Food Not Bombs dedication to the principles of
nonviolence, how decisions are made by consensus, that why the meals are
always free to anyone who wants them without restriction and why the food
is vegetarian or vegan. Your classmates and community members will be
inspired to join your student group after they attend this exciting
presentation. Ask your student senate to fund this valuable experience.

The presentation also includes some of these stories about what Food Not
Bombs is doing to end hunger and work for social justice and the

* Food Not Bombs groups are increasing their response to the global
food crisis by starting Food Not Lawns community gardens, Homes Not
Jails squats, organizing Really really Free Markets and increasing the
number of meals we share.
* Food Not Bombs feeds the protesters in Thiland and striking auto
workers in South Korea.
* Find out more about the Food Not Bombs groups in Reykjavik, Iceland,
Santiago, Chile and Hobart, Tasmania and their work to feed climate
change activists.
* How did Food Not Bombs start animal rescue shelters in 24 cities in
* Learn more about how Amnesty International worked to free Food Not
Bombs volunteers in the United States, Philippines, and Mexico.
* Food Not Bombs volunteers plant olive tress on the West Bank in
* Irish groups from all over the island feed the blockaders at Shannon
Air Base.
* Sharing vegetarian meals at the Food Not NATO actions in Turkey.
* Kiev Food Not Bombs fed the tent city protest outside the Parliament
Building during the Orange Revolution.
* Zagreb and Belgrade Food Not Bombs share vegan meals at their
Anti-McDonalds actions.
* Food Not Bombs fed thousands of protesters at Cindy Sheehan's Camp
Casey outside Bush's Ranch in Crawford, Texas.
* Food Not Bombs helped organize America's largest food relief effort,
feeding the survivors of Katrina when the American Red Cross and FEMA
failed to respond.
* How did Food Not Bombs start Indymedia, Homes Not Jails, the October
22nd No Police Brutality Day and coined the term "freegan" on the Rent
is Theft Tour?
* How did Food Not Bombs and Indymedia ended up getting listed on the
FBI's Terrorist Watch List.
* Get literature, books, buttons, stickers, patches, DVDs and other
helpful information about peace and social justice.
* Find out how you can start a Food Not Bombs group or learn how you
can get involved with your local chapter.
* Learn more about how you can participate in the World Peace Week in
Toas, New Mexico
* Ask Keith questions about Food Not Bombs.
* View our 15 minute dvd about the work of Food Not Bombs in Africa.

phone: phone: 503-231-3899
address: address: 400 SE 12th Ave