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Marie Mason resists grand jury

Marie Mason refused to testify when called before a grand jury in January, just prior to her sentencing. Her refusal to testify was used against her at her sentencing, when she received almost 22 years for two acts of property destruction. Supporters believe she was called to the grand jury for the explicit reason of influencing the court to give her a longer sentence.
Marie Mason was called before a federal grand jury in Grand Rapids, Michigan in late January 2009, a week before her sentencing.

She was only allowed to see her attorney once, after the first question that she was asked. This question simply referred to an event referred to in her plea agreement about the destruction of two power boats. Mason consulted with her attorney, and then went back alone to the federal grand jury and was asked the same question again.

Mason invoked the Fifth Amendment, on the advice of her attorney. The chairman of the federal grand jury then read her a compulsion order (ordering her to testify) and the prosecutor asked her two other questions. She refused to answer any of them on the advice of her attorney.

The second question was if she knew Jessie Waters, the third question was if she know Dan Kruk. Then the prosecutor stopped the proceedings and she was led away. FBI Agent Jim Shearer was in the hallway and asked her if this was the choice she wanted to make, and she told him it was the only choice possible. She was taken back to the jail in Newaygo, and then moved to Clinton County Jail, were she is still being held.

At Mason's sentencing in February 2009, her refusal to testify at this grand jury was brought up. It seems clear that, knowing she would resist the grand jury, the government called her to it before her sentencing in an effort to influence the court to give her a longer sentence.

Mason was sentenced to 21 years and 10 months for two acts of property destruction in which no one was hurt. She is believed to be currently serving the longest sentence of any environmental activist in the US.

For more information on Marie Mason visit www.supportmariemason.org