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drawing your insides out!

radical mental health workshop this sunday march 8th.
the mad space between the stars is hosting the workshop below this Sunday march 8th @ 5pm. food will be served after the worshop and before the discussion group which start at 7pm.. we will also be celebrating the one year anniversary of the mad space between the stars! the experiment takes place at the garfield house-4011 ne. garfield.

this is for adults only.

Drawing your Insides out: doodling & face paint for radical mental health The experiment is about landing into your body & drawing it out with drawing, doodles, shaking, laughing, movement, scribbling. Introduce yourself to your own insides by the ritual and surprise of doodling to then translate your impressions onto your face. Masks and masks, love your masks and masks, greet your masks as you unwind into spontaneous
imaginative play. true! & fun!

info:  funisfreepress@gmail.com or  themadspace@riseup.net


FREE WORK SHOP 06.Mar.2009 22:04

ablution themadspace@riseup.net

I forgot to say that the workshop is free to all.And that this is a safer space event.