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Clackamas County Deputies Kill Again

The 68 year old victim's name has yet to be released, but the details according to the killer's department mouthpiece are as follows:
At ten thirty p.m. last night, an unstated number of deputies (picture this) arrived at the home of the victim and his 80 year old companion, to serve arrest warrants for growing pot. Supposedly the victim came to the door with a shotgun, which might seem reasonable in rural Clackamas County when riotous and tumultuous unknown persons are pounding at your door in the middle of the night. Not reasonable to our intrepid killers, though, so some dozen or more shots later, the victim was dead, and his life partner was hospitalized. All for allegedly growing pot, an herb that should be legalized, and probably just trying to pay the mortgage. There can be little excuse for arriving at someone's door in the middle of the night, pounding and carrying on in the usual copper fashion, but if you do so, you should plan upon some kind of armed resistance. Trust me, CCSO, you do that at my place, a few of you will be dead as you cross the threshold. The rest may get me, but it will cost you.
This is simply disgusting. These "officers" are as out of control as the animals that Portland has been hiring.

goosestepping brownshirts 05.Mar.2009 23:41

super dave

Whether you call them police, cops, pigs, etc., they are just another term for cowards.

a question 06.Mar.2009 02:42

in response

It is a hrrible thing

it is unjustifiable murder

it is legal for them to kill

So I have to ask


Letters won't do shit
walking in circles holding signs won't do shit
phone calls won't do shit
the "legal" system won't do shit
the elected officials won't do shit


just sit back from the comfort of our homes and complain in indymeida?

What we are going to do 06.Mar.2009 09:44


Whatever we, as individuals, or small, collective cells choose to "do" about it, we need not broadcast it here, in this forum, or anyplace else. The agents of the state would love to catch us collaborating to resist them. Whatever we do, do it quietly, and tell no one, and be prepared to face your own consequences. I know what I am doing, you do yours.

What not to do 06.Mar.2009 16:11

Foo Kim

Do NOT cooperate with, assist, or inform police for ANY reason. Your cooperation could result in the death of innocent people. That is what NOT to do.

Be certain that you are not the one to be sucked in to responding to "Fox 12's most wanted," or any other such nonsense. These "most wanteds" are more likely than not to be your friends and neighbors, and there is no telling how many people will be killed or wounded by the gun happy thugs in uniform, while bringing some suspected pot grower to "justice."

Just say no to law enforcement. There is no advantage to cooperating with them, they are NOT your friend.

a hit in the head with a two by four 07.Mar.2009 01:07

will get their attention

understand that facism is a bad thing--Investigate the

bush administration so these dumb fucks can understand the difference between good and evil.

2x4 07.Mar.2009 18:15

another normal person

oh yeah...a 2x4....

swing a 2x4 and you will get a much deserved double tap....