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Local activists report back from march to stop the hate!

Come hear local activists report back from Phoenix, Arizona. Stop the hate! Stop Joe Arpaio! Stop ICE raids!
Report Back from National Gathering
in Arizona

When: March 10th, 7-9pm
Where: VOZ 1131 SE Oak

Arizona is the testing ground for right-wing immigration policy. If we cannot stop it there, we'll see similar activities spread across the country. It is crucial that we raise awareness and collect resources in support of the communities terrorized by the Maricopa Sheriff and his volunteer posses.

We will hear from Portland delegates that attended the gathering, the march, and collected testimony from people affected by Arpaio's terrorism. We will also come together to agree on strategic actions that the Portland community can take to stand in solidarity with the Phoenix community and also show the country that we will not tolerate hateful policies anymore.

For More Information, contact PCASC:
503.236.7916 /  info@pcasc.net

STOP Arpaio! STOP 287(g)! STOP ICE raids!