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Support SB 628 and SB 328.

Right now, legislators are considering two bills that will ensure that consumers get a fair deal. These two common sense bills will help level the playing field for consumers, and legislators need to hear from you about how important these bills are. Here's how you can help:
Yes on Senate Bill 628 to Keep Oregonians in Their Homes!

The foreclosure crisis is impacting every Oregon homeowner--20,100 new foreclosures are expected in 2009, and the values of neighboring properties will drop an average of $5,459.

SB 628 addresses this crisis by simply requiring lenders to meet with borrowers before foreclosing on their house. The bill would establish a mediation process that would allow a neutral third party to examine the financial needs and abilities of both parties, and then propose a modified agreement that works in the best interests of both sides.

The goal of SB 628 is simple: To tell lenders that before they foreclose on a house, they stop and have a good faith conversation with the borrower.

The Senate Committee on Consumer Protection and Public Affairs held a hearing on this bill on Tuesday, March 3. Oregon's Senators now need to hear from you. Click here to find your State Senator and urge them to support SB 628, because Oregon can't afford the cost of more preventable foreclosures. (You can also call 503-986-1000 during business hours and an operator will connect you.)

Yes on Senate Bill 328 to Stop Debt Collection Abuses!

Last week, in response to support from Oregonians like you, the Oregon Senate voted 23-6 to pass Senate Bill 328, which gives the Department of Justice the authority to enforce laws against abusive debt collection practices.

Currently, debt collectors are exempted from enforcement under Oregon law, allowing them to engage in unlawful, harassing practices without fear of punishment.

Consumers who have been verbally threatened, harassed at work and lied to by debt collectors deserve strong enforcement of the basic laws of fair play. SB328 sends a simple message to debt collectors: Follow the law or face a penalty.

SB328 doesn't give a free pass to debtors, but it ensures that debt collectors treat all consumers with fairness, honesty and accuracy.

The bill now moves to the Oregon House of Representatives for approval. Unfortunately, the debt collection industry is out in full force trying to keep its special exemption from the law. That's why it's vital that your Representative hears from you about the need to vote for SB328.

Call 503-986-1000 during business hours or follow the link supplied with this alert to find your Representative, and urge them to vote yes on this important, common sense bill.

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