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Amerikans Support Escalation in Afghanistan

Most Amerikans support troop increases in Afghanistan, clear evidence that they are firmly in the imperialist camp.
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Nearly two-thirds of Amerikans back President Barack Obama's recent decision to strengthen occupation forces of Afghanistan, according to a new public opinion poll conducted by the Washington Post and ABC News. These most recent figures are part of Amerikans' long standing support for the onset, and in this case escalation, of imperialist wars of aggression.

Amerikans support imperialist aggression because they benefit from imperialist exploitation. Rather than a conscious decision or an instance of 'false consciousness,' Amerikans' continual outward aggression is part of a historically formed class consciousness. According to this latest poll, support for a heightened occupation cuts across both Republican and Democratic voters.

Amerikans are a petty class of exploiters inseparable from U.S. imperialism itself. While they regularly support wars against Third World peoples, it is all too convenient for them to turn around and blame the leaders chosen to execute such wars when things don't go well or when they're called out as a nation of aggressors. With this latest poll showing clearer than ever Amerikans are in the imperialist camp, they should expect nothing less than resistance and reciprocity from those they favor violence against.


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Misunderstanding 05.Mar.2009 04:08

Mike Novack

The way our particular democratic system works (when it does) means that not only do you need to consider how many people are on either side of an issue but you need to also consider how important they consider this issue compared to all other issues.

By and large it is meaningless to say "Americans support" based on a poll which asks about an iussue outside the context of other issues, whether it is a high priority issue or a low priority issue. The reason for this is very simple. In our system designed to work by "log rolling" and other bargaining for support, low priority issues get traded for high priority ones.

What I am trying to say here is that too few of us care very much about the war in Afghanistan one way or the other for you to be able to say "America supports". Basicly most of us don't give a damn compared to the issues we currently consider top priority and would accept EITHER way on Afghanistan if it came packaged with isses we really cared about.

In cases like this, you go after those controlling the "packaging".

america is not against war, it's against losing 06.Mar.2009 21:53

oh no

Americans are afraid of wars. They might be expensive and we might lose. Once they start, it's too late to avoid the cost or the losing, so America becomes horrifyingly gung-ho. Later, if they lose confidence in any prospect of victory, only then do rich folks, and then the media, and then the people turn against the war du jour when it's already under way. If territory is conquered and violence drops below an earlier peak, they'll support further occupation forever, apparently. Don't hold your breath about the promised pullout from Iraq.