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Help Counteract Industry Front Group Lobbying Against LNG Protection Act

This Friday, 3-6-09, a front group for the LNG industry, Energy Action NW, will be holding an open house and lobby day at the capitol building. The purpose of their presence there is to convince legislators to oppose the LNG Public Protection Act.
Energy Action NW is a group that was founded specifically to combat our effective organizing against LNG and they claim to be a "grassroots" organization made up of businesses who are eager to import high-carbon, high-priced LNG into the Pacific Northwest. They are the group responsible for labeling the anti-LNG coalition as "radical environmental extremists" when in fact we are a diverse coalition made-up largely of fishermen, farmers, foresters and folks who are concerned about the effects of climate change and the threat posed by LNG to the economy and ecology of our region.

In an effort to deal with the massive lobby push these multi-million dollar companies are making, we need to have a Call-in Day to the Capitol!

This Friday, March 6th please take the time to contact your House Representative and State Senator to urge their support for House Bill 2015 (The LNG Public Protection Act)! This is a great opportunity for you to let your legislator know that you support this legislation and that you are being misrepresented by Energy Action NW.

When you send your message of support for this bill please remember to note that HB 2015 is NOT a ban on LNG, it simply strengthens the state's authority in the permitting process. And remember -- there is nothing more powerful than telling your personal story. If you are a landowner threatened by Eminent Domain for an LNG-related pipeline, or you are a resident concerned about Mt. Hood National Forest, or you are a proponent of Energy Independence, share your story with your legislator!

Join us this Friday for a Call-in Day to support House Bill 2015 -- The LNG Public Protection Act! Our legislators need to hear from their constituents to balance the message coming from this group of pro-LNG lobbyists! The more calls and emails we get in on Friday, the harded it will be for our legislators to believe the lies being told by Energy Action NW.

Thank you all for your continued interest in the fight against LNG in Oregon and for participating in this important day of action!

-Olivia Schmidt
Columbia Riverkeeper, Oregon Sierra Club & Oregon Citizens Against the Pipelines


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Link to Oregon Legislators 05.Mar.2009 11:20


Here's a link to find and hook up with your Oregon Representative.