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Help Support the The LNG Public Protection Act

The LNG Public Protection Act was formally introduced yesterday. The bill number is HB 2015. This is the number you should refer to when asking your legislators to support the bill.
What the bill does:

HB 2015 is a common sense bill that says that we should not give away state land and water rights unless there is a need for LNG in Oregon. It would require that, before LNG terminals can be located in Oregon, the Oregon Dept of Energy would have to conduct a needs assessment to determine need for the gas in Oregon as well as other factors.

Specifically, the bill states:.

Prior to issuing state water rights, removal/fill permits or granting state land leases for LNG terminals and LNG-related pipelines, the Oregon Department of Energy is required to conduct a needs assessment to determine whether:

there is a significant need in Oregon for LNG that cannot be filled by North American sources of natural gas.
the price of natural gas derived from LNG will not exceed the price of natural gas from North American sources
the operation of the LNG terminal is consistent with Oregon's strategies to address climate change.

The bill also requires that LNG terminals and related pipelines have no adverse impact to beneficial uses including but not limited to fishing, recreation, agriculture and wildlife. DEQ would apply this stronger standard protection in their permitting process for pollution discharge permits and water quality certification.

Thanks to your hard work, we were able to get the co-sponsors below:
Chief sponsors of the bill are Rep. Riley and Sen. Prozanski.

Co-sponsors include:
Rep. Bailey
Rep. Barker
Rep. Barnhart
Rep. Buckley
Rep. Boone
Rep. Dembrow
Rep. Greenlick
Rep. Harker
Rep. Shields
Rep. Tomei
Rep. Weidner
Sen. Rosenbaum
Sen. Walker

Next steps: The bill will go to committee and there will be a public hearing on the bill during the next month or so. We'll keep you posted on the hearing date once it is set.

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