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The American Government Issue an Apology to the World

How to solve.
The American government
Would like to issue an apology to the world
Unfortunately too many black and brown people were allowed to borrow money
And this has caused a world wide recession.
Unfortunatley public education did not prepare them to read a credit form
And understand their credit report
Unfortunately the American government is in no position to ask for transparency in credit rules
Or to have a transparent process for borrowing credit.
We understand that the black people who are primarily the ones who have lost their homes
To the banks actually thought they could afford to buy a home.
Laughing. They did not. You know those black people
Always borrowing beyond their means.
We have had to lock up a lot of black men because of their excessive crimes
And we should just lock up the rest right now
Because with the current economic situation you know black people
Are just going to turn to crime.
It is unfortunate that at every level of government their has been a budget short fall
But it is all due to the borrowing practices of those damn brown people.
Luckily we have a president who understands this and will set it straight
So that the banks do not have to lose the property them black people tried to gain.
Credit is difficult to understand and it is based on a decimal score.
Government agents all have their credit filed in different drawers.
As if you could steal the supreme court credit scores. Mmmm. That is funny, ain't it?
You could never take the credit of justice. You could never take the score
And multiply it by a thousand.
We are sorry world but this may take a generation or two to clear up.
In the mean time, protect your credit score.