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National Theivery Department

They say I am repo-possed by the great spirit of a new day.
National Thievery Department

My friends and I are sad to announce
That the banks are a little short this year
And because of a confederate state interpretation
Of the 14th amendment we have an immortality to maintain
A sort of status
That you should be aware of
The national treasury department has been bankrupted in your name
There is no gold to back up the money
Even if there is gold in the Sierra Nevada
But there is no money for you my middle
The national thievery department has proclaimed
You need an education
Even (laughing) if it is only one year of college
But you must learn this
Do nothing
We will save and loan you something
Oh my browned kindred listen
The banks need loans to maintain your reclaimed house
The profit they lost in repossession
Is hurting all of the car companies
Who spent millions to trash the electric vehicle
And on a vacation they decided to ask for money
And you understand- browned kin-
How this must be done in our name.
Your taxes are apart of the wage of being a percentage
Of an immortal corporation that must not die
And if I am negotiator for you
I might find a cure for cancer
In my residency here
Otherwise we might just fight another 4 years
While drains seem to pop up everywhere you go
And money metabolizes itself as a loan
Your money- your 20% in taxes are needed
And one day we might _contractors-
Build some roads
This is how green we get-------
The national thievery department is in debt.
We never changed faces
Just names generation after generation
We never managed to say we had enough for you
We could only find debts for your great grandchildren
We are sorry to announce but you have borrowed too much
And now a recession is in place
Why can't you save?
We have done everything for you
And patentistically speaking
We had hoped you would succeed
But my human follies you failed
And now the whole world is suffering your great debts to us... ..
We are sorry but statistically speaking you knew that
The middle class was disappearing
And why did you assume that
You were browned and burnt by follies
So 14th street is now reclaimed
Ready for the fancy reconstruction
And gingerbread homes will pop up to grace main street
So I ask you-
When you knew that you could not afford a home why did you buy one
Now we have to give trillions to the banks?
You were brown and blackhearted
Not lilly white like an immortal corporation whose
Beloved servitude we do, dude.
It is hard to balance the national thievery department
It may take two terms in office
But I think you will find that we are able to pay the banks off
With your tax dollars.