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Alternatives to Panic

"Mainstream politicians want to "fix" capitalism so we can return to a state of steady economic growth. But capitalism is broken when it is growing -- we don't want to return to business as usual.."
"It is instructive to see the politicians and business owners -- from Bush to Obama and from China to Russia to Germany to the USA -- united in their powerlessness over the economic system itself. The recession makes it clear that people don't control the economy -- the economy controls people. Just as the economy controls what you can do for work, what you can buy, and how you live, the system controls the actions of the politicians and the business managers who supposedly are in charge.

This is precisely backwards from how an economic system should be. A reasonable system would serve people -- giving them the things that they need, responding to their collective decisions, and balancing human interests and environmental concerns. Capitalism, to the contrary, by its very nature manipulates and constrains people -- forcing humans to adjust to the system's imperatives -- while destroying the natural environment. Capitalism silences the self-determination of the population, while selecting a lucky few to hold somewhat more power to act within its artificial constraints.."

to read PB Floyd's article from Slingshot #99, spring 2009, visit

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Capitalism isn't broken...... 03.Mar.2009 15:07

Exile portlander_in_exile@yahoo.com

This system is serving those in control, perfectly. It's designed to siphon the wealth of all, to the pockets of a select few. As soon as you realize this, you'll understand how perfectly this manipulated system is working. Usery was a crime for centuries, and that's for a good reason. It creates a parasitic class, that wield the most power, yet produce nothing. These people are worthless to society, in such a sense as they drain the wealth, work, and innovation from the rest of us.

eat the rich, they are mighty tasty.