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The Bear vs The Beaver

The only airspace the colonial squatters have is between their ears.
On February 16, 2009, three days before the Amerikan dictator was to visit the Kanadian dictator, the colonial government said that the
military sent CF-18 fighter jets to intercept a Russian bomber that had "strayed" into so-called Kanadian airspace.

The Kanadian Minister of Defence (Homeland (In)Security) Peter MacKay confirmed at a press conference, attended by General Walter
Natnczyk, chief of the defence staff and General Gene Renaurt, NORAD, that CF-18's were sent to intercept a Russian Bear bomber that
had crossed into the so-called airspace of so-called Kanada.

MacKay told the reporters that the Kanadian government was not deliberately accusing the Russians of flying into Kanada in advance of the
February 19 visit to Ottawa by Barack Obama, when the Kanadian security was a priority. MacKay also added that it was a "strong
coincidence", which we met with CF-18 fighter planes, and our world-class pilots know their business. "The CF-18 pilots gave a strong
signal to the Russians to return to international airspace", said MacKay.

At a press conference in Saskatoon, Kanadian dictator Stephen Harper said that Russian intrusions into (so-called) Kanadian airspace are a
regular concern and that Kanada will defend its (so-called) sovereignty. "I have expressed at various times the deep concern our government has with increasingly aggressive Russian actions around the globe and Russian intrusions into our (so-called) airspace.
We will defend our (so-called) airspace, we also have obligations of continental defence with Amerika. We will fulfill those obligations to defend our (so-called) continental airspace, and we will defend our (so-called) sovereignty and we will respond every time the Russians make any kind of intrusion on the (so-called) sovereignty in (so-called) Kanada's Arctic," Harper said.

During their six-hour visit the two dictators discussed the issue, saying that Russian aircraft regularly probed into (so-called) North American airspace during the Cold War, and Kanadian and Amerikan fighters routinely tracked the violators and escorted them back into international airspace. The flights were suspended for years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, but resumed in recent years as Russia pushed its claim on the Arctic and oil wealth allowed the country to spend more on its military.
The Kanadian government claimed that the Russians have increased their activity in recent years, that this latest incident is the twentieth time
in two years that Russian aircraft have have been warned to turn back.

After the brief propagandic flurry and political diversion, the government story was proven to be false. Much to their embarrasment, the
colonial governments and military admitted that no Russian aircraft had left international airspace.

The rapidly disappearing ice of the Arctic Ocean has increased tensions among the democracies that claim the water and ocean bed, the
democracies being (so-called) Kanada, (so-called) Amerika, Russia, Norway and Denmark. The Kanadian government says the ocean seabed,
the size of the (so-called) prairie provinces, is abundant in oil and gas.

The Kanadian dictator, Stephen Harper said that he will send additional troops from the Kanadian armed forces to enforce Kanada's
(so-called) sovereignty over the area. He said that his government has passed laws to increase the jurisdiction of Kanadian environmental law
over the Arctic Ocean, and has made it mandatory for all marine vessels to register with the Kanadian Coast Guard.
The colonial government has ordered Kanadian scientists to map the Arctic seabed to further Kanada's claim.

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