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Pit Bulls Banned???

Channel 12 news just reported that there is an effort to ban pit bulls in Oregon. If passed, it would mean that pit bulls would be killed, people caught with pit bulls could be punished, and pits would be outlawed. Aren't enough pit bulls already dying of human ignorance in this state?
To underline their story, they had a long interview with a very stupid woman who breeds pit bulls for money. She was disgusting. She claimed to be defending them, meanwhile pit bull puppies romped all over her yard. SHE is the kind of person that creates problems for pits. So many homeless pit bulls are already killed in shelters. There is NO EXCUSE for anyone breeding pit bulls for money.

But to ban the breed means that just being a pit bull would be illegal, a crime punishable by capital punishment. This is wrong. Pit bulls are dogs. Pure and simple. Anyone who believes that they will be safer if pit bulls are banned is just ignorant of the facts, and of history. Were you safer when blood hounds were banned? How about when dobermans were banned? German shepherds? No? No. Any breed of dog can have members that are dangerous. That does not mean you can or should ban the entire breed. It means you should be careful around dogs you don't know. ALL dogs you don't know. It means you should keep your dog on a leash and/or under control in public. ANY breed of dog. It means that if your dog has ever shown a tendancy toward being aggressive, you should keep a muzzle on it in public for the safety of the dog and everyone else. ANY breed of dog.

But to ban pit bulls? In every state where this has been tried, it has had two results: 1) Hundreds of dogs were killed; and 2) dog bite statistics did not go down. In other words, you are not safer when breeds are banned. People just get other breeds, and those breeds are (surprise!) just as likely to bite you as any other.

If you love dogs, please fight this.

Nuggets 2nd grade picture 03.Mar.2009 07:39

I just found these

I will never let them deport my boy out of Oregon. Never!
2nd Grade - (2001)
2nd Grade - (2001)
Dangerous? Really?
Dangerous? Really?

Breeders 03.Mar.2009 07:41

Den Mark, Vancouver

Breeding of any kind of dog should be illgal except for licensed, tightly regulated professional breeders. Violators should be heavily sanctioned, with fines in hundreds of thousands of dollars. All pet dogs should be altered & licensed. Nobody has a "right" to "own" a dog. It's a privilege, & anyone who cannot afford to alter & license a dog cannot afford to give the dog proper food or medical care either. After twenty years of volunteer work with sheltered dogs, i do not support random widespread dog "ownership". Many people are too selfish & stupid to have dogs (or cats).

Foolishness 03.Mar.2009 10:13

Cat woman

Any dog can be dangerous. Many breeds of dogs have attacked children and small animals. We must have, and do have, laws requiring dogs to be on leash, confined, or certifiably under the voice command of their owners.

A pitbull ban is an hysterical solution to the problem that will solve nothing. And when I think of the sweet loyal members of the breed I have known and know, it makes me sick. Who is promoting this garbage?

Scare tactic! 03.Mar.2009 10:43

puppy love

This is total nonsense...anyone who researches theses laws (i.e. the recent California initiative) will see that there is nothing on the books that requires pit bulls to be euthanized. It's a matter of controlling the breeding of the dogs, which is a good thing. There are WAY too many animals in shelters right now because of overpopulation, and a great majority of homeless dogs are pit bulls. I love these pups as much as anyone, but people need to be adopting their furry friends from shelters, not buying them from pet stores or breeders. Plus, who needs a purebred? Mutts are just as cute and lovable! DO restrict breeding---and help drastically lower the homeless animal levels!
P.S. I'd like to see statistics on these state-mandated dog killings. I'm pretty sure they don't exist (except in criminal prosecutions where the animal was found to be a threat).

This poem says it all 03.Mar.2009 13:56


Pitbull poem

What are you saying Den Mark? 03.Mar.2009 15:33


If you are saying only that people should not be breeding dogs for profit while there are so many homeless dogs (especially pit bulls) being killed in shelters due to lack of homes, then I agree with you. But if you are expressing any kind of support for a breed specific ban, then I completely disagree with you and suspect that, if this is what you are saying, that you might not understand what a breed ban really is. It's not a ban on breeding dogs, it's a ban on the breed itself. As in, they can kill any dog of that breed. This is SOOOOOoooooOOOOO wrong.

I'm pretty sure that's not what you're saying, so I thought I'd better check. Because that's kind of how I read what you just wrote.

There is no excuse for intentionally breeding dogs for money when there are so many homeless animals. And there is no excuse for banning any breed of dog. That's hysteria talking, not reality.

People are so crazy.

Look At The REALITY!!! 03.Mar.2009 15:58


It's like this: Why the hell can I not own a frickin TIGER???

Probably because it would be too dangerous? Maybe?

Pit bull dogs may be nice and all, but they are absurdly POWERFUL for their size. So why the hell do we want them? Should I not be allowed to own a tiger???

Bill to ban is dead, bill to require insurance still in question 03.Mar.2009 18:46


The bill banning pit bulls is dead for now. However, there is still a bill being discussed that would require pit bull owners to carry liability insurance. This, in effect, is another ban since liability insurance is either unavailable or prohibitively expensive. Write your legislator to protest this ill-advised proposal.

Reality vs Hysterical reactionary 03.Mar.2009 21:19


Actually, if you want to "look at reality," you could start with the National Canine Research Council, and look into the actual facts behind dog bite statistics, dog aggression facts, and incidents between dogs and humans. You will be surprised to learn that, in fact, your hysterical sky-is-falling fears regarding pit bulls are not actually based in reality at all. They're borne of corporate media induced hype and mis-information.

(See, for example,  http://nationalcanineresearchcouncil.com/dog-bites/dog-bites-and-the-media/no-fact-checking/


If you don't want to live with a pit bull, that's fine with me. But stay the fuck away from my dog. Seriously.

I'm not trying to minimize your concerns, I just want to prevent your ill-informed concerns from harming me or my dogs. Bad Rap has a t-shirt that I thought about wearing. It says, "My dog is not mean, you're just a sissy." I didn't get the shirt, though, for two reasons. Aside from the sexism in the word "sissy," I felt it disrespected peoples' fears and concerns. I actually do understand why people might be concerned about dogs that they only know through corporate media mis-reporting. I would not want to minimize those concerns. I would rather educate people about the truth around oppressed pit bulls without making them feel stupid for having those concerns. The truth is, I used to think pit bulls were what the media said about them too, so I do understand your fears. What I do not understand, though, is people who want to translate their own irrational and unfounded hysteria into a death sentence for other living beings. That always just drives me crazy.

Here's the thing. You should always be cautious around dogs you do not know. Particularly large dogs. You should never assume that any dog you do not know is friendly, and you should certainly not feel safer just because that strange dog is a lab or a pointer or some other breed besides a pit bull. ANY large dog could be dangerous. Assume it is, until you know for a factg that it is not. But don't assume that you have the right to kill that dog just because you are afraid of it. Geez.

(And if you live with dogs of any breed, be responsible. For the dog's sake, as well as for everyone else's sake, never just let a dog run around loose in the neighborhood. This is just asking for trouble.) My dogs are always on leash when in public. Not because they are mean, but because they're really friendly and, if off leash, tend to run rudely up to other people to introduce themselves. This is just not good behavior and shold be prevented by any responsible guardian. It scares the shit out of people who don't know them to have them do something like that. I would never let my dogs do that, because I have enough respect for you to understand that you don't want to have a strange dog you don't know running up at you, perhaps even particularly not a pit bull, given what you may have heard. Now, have enough respect for me and my dogs to leave us the fuck alone. We are all responsible, my dogs and I. We do not deserve your craziness.

Pit Bull Ban Proposal Has Been Pulled 03.Mar.2009 22:54

a little bird

This legislation has been pulled, after the legislator who introduced it was overwhelmed with complaints from pit bull guardians. But it does show that the hysteria against pitbulls is alive and well in Oregon and we need to keep educating lawmakers and the public about the facts about pitbulls and the evidence that shows these bans don't work.

Pitbull ban was partially facilitated by racism 05.Mar.2009 01:09


I have a well-trained German Shepherd dog, goofy, intelligent and affectionate, but it was never proposed that they get outlawed. Why is that? Because German Shepherds aren't as popular amongst racial "minorities" as Pit Bulls are. This is really plain and simple. No matter how many poor excuses for pet owners mold their animals into macho self-images of themselves, Pit Bulls are seen as the choice of "minority" gangsters by the corporate media. This makes it easier for such proposals to even get made, and makes it easier for a racist media to support such a racist ban. German Shepherds also have the capability to harm others (see Police Brutality) but in the popular mind, as propagandized on The TeeVee, they bring to mind white cops more than non-white gangsters.

Town Hall Meeting 13.Mar.2009 11:37

Bully Lover stacijeanne@msn.com

There will be a Town Hall Meeting tomorrow Saturday March 14th at 10am at the David Douglas District Office 1500 SE 130th Portland.
Even though they dropped ban they are now proposing each owner that has a dog even resembling a pit bull will have to have an outrageous insurance policy which could cost an owner $1000.00 per dog. Please come out tomorrow to voice your opinion and keep this new bill from passing!