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Burning Forests for Electricity and Liquid Fuels: Deforestation is Bad Energy Policy

a public forum co-sponsored by Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates (eco-advocates.org), SustainEugene.org & Eugene Rising Tide
Thursday, March 5 -- 6:30 to 8:30 pm
Harris Hall, Lane County Auditorium
8th & Oak, Eugene, Oregon
free admission

presentations by:

Mark Robinowitz, SustainEugene.org
"Peak Forests and the Electric Power Grid"

David Monk
Lane Regional Air Protection Agency Board of Directors
"Air Pollution From Forest Biofuels"
(presented as an individual, not on behalf of LRAPA)

Samantha Chirillo, Co-Director, Cascadia's Ecosystem Advocates
"Dispelling Myths: Forest Biofuels Impact on Forests & Climate"

The use of forest biomass for electricity and liquid fuel, currently proposed by our state and federal elected officials, threaten our climate and economic security with little return on energy invested. This presentation will dispel the myths that there is "waste" in a forest ecosystem and that large-scale forest "thinning" projects are needed to reduce fire risks.

Grinding up our forests into wood chips to burn for electricity or to make "cellulosic ethanol" could only meet a small amount of our energy demand. Efficiency, reducing demand, and real renewables are more appropriate near term solutions. Turning trees into so-called "green power" risks widespread deforestation that would turn our lush valley into a desert and do little to postpone the energy crises caused by Peak Everything.

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