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Obama Caves to the Oil Companies.

Today on NBC's meet The Press, retained Secretary of Defense William Gates grabbed president Barrack Obama by the neck
Obama Caves to the Oil Companies.

By Lloyd Hart

Today on NBC's meet The Press, retained Secretary of Defense William Gates grabbed president Barrack Obama by the neck and pulled Barrack Obama's face to secretaries crotch. In maintaining the Bush regimes lies and propaganda about the surge in Iraq that saw nothing but more genocide and ethnic cleansing, about increased troops to crush the civilian population in Afghanistan into submission and about hunting down Osama Bin Laden and Al Qaida (who were never in tribal region of Pakistan) in the tribal region of Pakistan, it is clear that President Barrack Obama has bowed down in total submission to the U.S. military industrial complex and the complex's Oil Division's (Exon/Mobil/Chevron/British Petroleum/Royal Dutch Shell etc.) desire to maintain U.S. Imperial control of all the oil coming out of the Middle East and Central Asia.

In the midst of Secretary Gates' well rehearsed propaganda he let it slip that one of the things that Iraq needs in order to become a stable democracy is the implementation of the Bush regime's "Oil Law." The so-called Oil Sharing legislation that the Bush Regime was pushing and that Gates is reminding us of basically hands 75 percent of Iraq's oil income to the big companies (Exon/Mobil/Chevron/British Petroleum/Royal Dutch Shell etc.) from the states and Europe. By bringing up the "Oil Law" in a television interview that will be seen round the world by the end of the day, Secretary Gates is saying to the U.S. military propped up Iraqi leadership "You see, even President Barrack Obama wants the oil. You have waited for the new president for nothing."

In my last article I said that President Barrack Obama was more comparable to former president Linden Baines Johnson than any pretense Barrack Obama might have to Franklin Delano Roosevelt or the most ridiculous comparison to Lincoln. With Secretary gates all puffed up with Pentagon inspired psychotic alpha male supremacy over U.S. foreign policy and the foreigner's oil, it is clear that President Barrack Obama has successfully steered the backlash that came up from the grassroots of the American population, that catapulted him into office, straight into the U.S. military industrial complex's control. The saddest part is Obama sold out cheaply and did not get the kind of spending the infrastructure requires. Hell, there is $540 billion in back logged water and sewer projects alone. Oh well.

I don't think it has hit the Obama supporters quite yet, that they have been sold out but I suspect that once they see the state of America politics in the coming months of this year they will realize that President Barrack Obama is the Beta Male to the Pentagon's Alpha Male.

What President Barrack Obama should be doing is sending the F.B.I. over to the Pentagon to seize documents and make arrests of the officers involved in creation of the National Security Strategy of Preemptive Invasion that some have called the Bush Doctrine but was created, written and executed without hesitation by the Pentagon and by it's highest ranking officers and was simply given to the monkey in the White, George W. Bush and handler Dick Cheney. Arrest all the officers and rank and file that were involved in Extraordinary Rendition, Torture, Illegal imprisonment, the use of chemical weapons, for genocide that ensued in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The New York Post got it wrong when they portrayed President Barrack Obama as a chimp in the now infamous racist political cartoon. No President Barrack Obama is not a chimp but rather a chump and the Pentagon's Chump at that.

And that makes all Americans the Pentagon's Chump.

Lloyd Hart

. 01.Mar.2009 23:24


Obama is a lying thieving crook just like the one before him and the one before him. The only real point to make is to point out all the suckers who fell for that hope crap. Obama is a scam on every front and it was not hard to see long before election night. Americans are the most obedient people in the world.

hmmm 01.Mar.2009 23:56


Saying he caves implies that he had some intention otherwise.

Losing time 05.Mar.2009 12:15


'Caves'? Since when, in his short legislative history, has he ever been for people?!
This country stepped in a big pile of doo-doo when they let themselves be Obama-brainwashed. I am continually surpirsed to see this opinion over and over here.

Yes, yes, yes 05.Mar.2009 14:17

Lloyd Hart dadapop@dadapop.com

But you still have to point out the actual ways Obama sells out the American public. Just because you weren't fooled by Obama doesn't reporting stops. Have you an opinion on who should control oil in Iraq? I think that is something worth discussing and then busting Obama publicly on.