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Navy to Test Poisons off Oegon Coast on March 11

US Navy planning to test deadly DU [depleted uranaium] and yellow phosphorous off Oregon Coast on March 11.
DOES ANYONE HAVE any real information on the US Navy planning to TEST Depleted Uranium [DU] and yellow phosphorous off the OREGON COAST on March 11, 2009? Given the horrific scenario now in Gaza with HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of innocent citizens being bombed by Israeli military [using US weapons] with these deadly poisons, why is the US Navy doing this? Where is any public discussion? Where is the Precautionary Principle? We should not be innocent guinea pigs for this illegal TESTING OF DEADLY POISONS. Everyone will be at grave risk from this nuclear toxic fallout --not just people living in the Pacific Northwest, but these poisons will be carried on the winds around the globe! No one will be safe!
Some real information on the tragedy in Gaza is available at www.globalresearch.ca