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ELAW Actions + Fossil Fools' Day: Rising Tide SUNDAY @ Red & Black Cafe, 7:00

This Sunday, March 1st is the third in a series of a presentations by
Cascadia Rising Tide. These gatherings will happen every month on the
first Sunday, and will include different slideshows, documentaries, and
film screenings related to climate change, action, and social justice issues.
Please Come!
ATTN: Cascadians & Aspiring Climate Activists
Pdx Rising Tide is celebrating its 3rd Open Meeting this year with a slideshow about Climate Actions organized for the Environmental Law Conference (pielc.org) in Eugene. During this three+ day conference, Rising Tide and other activists stirred up business as usual--with emphasis on the toxic link between Clear-Cutters, Pesticide Sprayers, and the Banks that finance them--and False Solutions like Carbon Offsets. Come with questions about the conference, associate actions, and intersecting aspects of Climate Change and Environmental Justice.

We will also discuss upcoming opportunities to get involved on a local
level--including the 2nd International Fossil Fools Day (April 1)--
a day of gleeful action for the dismantling of local fossil fuel infrastructure
and the global Fossil Fuel Empire. < http://www.fossilfoolsdayofaction.org>

See You This Sunday, March 1st
7pm @ Red and Black Cafe
(400 SE 12th avenue at Oak)

homepage: homepage: http://risingtidenorthamerica.org