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More job info

Some more info on the dire employment and jobs situation in the US
This is a follow-up to an article I wrote last week: "Dwindling number of jobs to apply for"

The Feb. 23 Nation has a section in which readers of the Nation wrote letters (to the Nation) describing their experiences with unemployment or underemployment. The letters are gripping and frightening, and I recommend them to everyone out there. An electrician, an architect, a research scientist, are among those who wrote to the Nation. (the research scientist, who isn't unemployed, describes his job as a "McJob" amazingly enough) There's about 8 to 10 letters in the magazine, and more online.

I recently read a career advice article on Oregonlive which I found encouraging. It's about job competitiveness: by Sheryl Silver, 12/08, in the Career Wise section of Oregonlive.
The author makes the point that the stimulus bill might create new jobs right away, as early as 2009. ("shovel ready")
It's easy to forget that the stimulus might actually lead directly to a job, and not just have broad effects on the economy as a whole.

But the Obama admin. needs to remember that this is the information age, which is supposed to be an improvement over the industrial age. Bridge and highway repair projects will only get us so far.

The high-tech bubble culminated in the invasion and occupation of two third-world countries. We need to look more at how that happened, and then proceed into the information/green energy age.