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Solidarity Brunch, Sunday at the Maiden (SE 7th and Morrison) 11:30-2:30

Do something good while eating brunch! Fundraiser to send delegates to El Salvador
The Maiden
639 SE Morrison Street
COME EAT BRUNCH this Sunday (March 1st) at the Maiden and help send elections monitors to El Salvador!

Homemade everything.

When you are all full and satisfied, we can DANCE to LIVE hot swing jazz music performed by Tim Acott, Willy, and David. These guys are phenomenal musicians, play in all kinds of bands including the Pete Krebs Trio and the Kung Pao Chickens and there is a dance floor and everything. This is an all ages event.

This is a fundraiser to send delegates to El Salvador in a little over a week. Eat, dance, actually accomplish something during breakfast!

Here are the details:
Sunday, Mar 1st. 11:30-2:30
Brunch, live music, dancing!

The Maiden
639 SE Morrison Street

For more information, email: