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Army recruiting? In my neighborhood?

Are army recruiters harassing your high school aged siblings or children? I was absolutely disgusted to find an Army Reserve flyer on my door today. Nobody at this house is interested in state sponsored murder. They were targeting my younger brother who just had to register for selective service and he too was upset about the note. It was left on our doorknob without a sound, we never heard anybody walk up on the porch, never had a knock at the door. Are they afraid they'll spit on? Well, probably here.

This is essentially just a reminder to call your local recruitment center and tell them to leave you alone! If you have a younger sibling or a child that they send their junk mail to on a monthly basis, let them know it's a waste of a tree (which is also disgusting), that no matter how bad the economy gets no one should be forced to harm other humans for money and that they are not welcome in our communities.
no blood for oil - recruiting
no blood for oil - recruiting
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