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VIDEOS:: Keep Guard Home - Leah Bloger, Raging Grannie, RoseMary, Peace Summit 09

The Peace Summit was held in Salem and open to any and all Peace Organizations in Oregon. It was a day of workshops and information sharing and networking. I have posted a few other YouTube videos from this event as well.
VIDEO:: Leah Bolger Keep Guard Home - Peace Summit 2 7 09

This is a 3 part video set on YouTube.
That was filmed at the Salem Peace Summit.
National Vice President for "Veterans For Peace" Leah Bolger talks about the Guard Home Campaign and answers questions about it.





Here is a short out take titled "RoseMary War"
From a young 9 year old peace activist at The Peace Summit

The Raging Grannies sing a couple songs at the "Peace Summit"

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com

VIDEOS:: Michel Darr & The Keep The Guard Home Campaign 27.Feb.2009 18:28

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com

I have two more videos from the KEEP THE NATIONAL GUARD IN OREGON campaign & hunger strike

These two video's are a mash-up (collage) of what I have collected on this anti war topic in the last month

Both are around 10 minutes long and are on YouTube and my website

Video 1

video 2


Below is Information to "Get Involved" These representative actually are suppose to represent you so call and let them know .... This use is not with in the compliance of AUMF (Authorization on the Use of Military Force)

Call-In And Voice Your Opinion & Support

Half of Oregon's National Guard troops are slated to deploy to Iraq this spring. Besides the personal risk they are each facing, taking the guard and all of their equipment to Iraq for over a year will leave the state dangerously unprepared for disasters, especially in this time of economic crisis with further cuts to public services and programs.

PDX Peace is a co-sponsor of the statewide campaign to pass legislation de-federalizing the Guard and keeping them home, but we need your help to push it along.

This Thursday, Feb 26 is a Call-In Day to contact State Legislators about the bills and resolutions in the House and Senate. The next step in the process is getting hearings before the House Rules Committee, so we are asking you to get on the phone to press for this.

Go to this webpage to find your Senator and Representative, or call this toll-free number:
800-332-2313 to get through to your legislators.

Please call early and often!

Here is the list of the legislators that have already co-sponsored.
After you call your own legislators, also call the following people:

Speaker of the House: Rep. Dave Hunt (D-40) - 503-986-1200
Chair of the House Rules Committee: Rep. Arnie Roblan (D-9) - 503-986-1409
President of the Senate: Sen. Peter Courtney (D-11) - 503-986-1600
Chair of the Senate Rules Committee: Sen. Richard Devlin - 503-986-1719

Suggested Script:

"Hello, my name is Concerned Citizen (if applicable, add "and I am a constituent.")
I am one of the 7200 people who signed a petition to keep our Oregon National Guard at home;

or, I belong to one of the 56 organizations that supports the Keep Oregon's Guard in Oregon campaign;

or, I am a supporter of the Campaign's goals).

I urge you to hold hearings on (and/or to support) HB 2556 and (HR 4 or SR 1) immediately. Our Guard should not be sent to Iraq or Afghanistan under the current federal authorizations.

If there are questions about the law, that is the job of the courts to sort out. We are running out of time to pass these resolutions before the March deployment. Please take action to schedule hearings today.

For any other questions about the Keep the Guard Home Campaign, see the Campaign website.:  http://www.pjw.info/guardhomecampaign08.html

More here:  http://www.pdxpeace.org/actionalerts/call-today-keep-guard-oregon

Thanks Portland Independent Media
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800-332-2313  Call Your Senators
800-332-2313 Call Your Senators
Keep Oregon guard Home 2009
Keep Oregon guard Home 2009
Michele Darr Hunger strike is now beenmore than 3o days
Michele Darr Hunger strike is now beenmore than 3o days