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Haitian Children Eat Mud Cookies


A 5 minute video cast that illustrates human life on a grim survival level

Yesterday I downloaded this story from a news group called World Focus.

I cried after watching it and I wondered about the awful chasm of experience that separates my developed world bubble here in Portland, Oregon and the experiences of the children that are shown in this video.

Haiti 22.Feb.2009 17:23

Den Mark, Vancouver

I saw that WorldFocus broadcast on OPB. Heartbreaking. Haiti is the poorest country in the hemisphere, tho it was among the first to throw off colonial rule, over two hundred years ago. But it has never been free from interference from French & U.S. empires. And of course, RC church won't allow birth control. Dirt cookies. Sounds like a sad fable. It's even sadder reality. We must demand of our government that Haiti's debt be canceled, NOW!

Capitol Switchboard: 800-270-0309 .