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Multnomah Co. Extorts the Poor/Protects the Criminals!

(Note: i'm not sure this is even the right forum for this. But i thought i'd give it a try anyways.)
This is a copy of a letter i just wrote to Multnomah County judge Michael McShane. I will mail this off tomorrow.
Dear Judge McShane,

On Friday Feb.6, 2009 I was in your courtroom when I pleaded 'no contest' to one charge of criminal mischief. This charge stemmed from a violent incident last June (Sat. 6/07/09) in which I was assaulted by two strangers while I was on my way to work. During this assault, I was thrown through a store-front window of a business. In the wake of this assault, in a split-second of misjudgment on my part, I broke a 2nd window out of distress, un-intentionally. 2 days later, I was fired (because I was prevented from making my peaceful way to work that Saturday night) & I've been un-employed ever since. I've explained my financial situation in court - that I'm living off of un-employment insurance & food assistance & nothing else; that I'm currently in debt, whereas, no debt existed [for myself] prior to last June. I thought this much was understood, as my [court-appointed] lawyer's fees were waived & I agreed to the terms of my probation, including community service.
But I received a letter last week stating that I owe $67 in court costs. Further more, the letter also states that if I don't pay this amount within 30 days, an additional $50(?!) will be added on! This additional $50 amounts to a POVERTY FEE & this much was even made clear to me [in no uncertain terms] by the court clerk I spoke to over the phone. If I'm too poor to pay $67 now, how can I possibly be expected to pay nearly twice that amount a month from now?! This is both illogical & cruel. I've had physical violence & aggression forced upon me twice in one night - 1st by random thugs who singled me out, for reasons that only they are aware of; 2nd by needlessly brutal officers who tasered me even though I NEVER resisted, fought, or gave them a hard time. I was the only person who was physically injured that night. I was arrested a 2nd time months later inside the courthouse lobby on the same charges! To this day, I still have not been given a good explanation as to why this was done. I've spent a collective 13-14 hours in jail, & to what good?
Yes, I did break a window - out of extreme distress - just as any human being might do something they may regret, when they're not in their right mind [at that moment]. But the cost of that window doesn't begin to compare to the thousands of dollars in lost wages (& lost medical benefits) I've suffered since last June.
If property damage were the most important issue here, why haven't the two thugs who very purposefully broke the 1st window [when they tossed me through it] been brought to justice? And if this were really about taking responsibility, why haven't those same two thugs, the ones who assaulted me, or the police who tasered me, been held to account for anything they've done?
My grievance is that I've already been punished several times over, in several different forms, & that these 'court costs' are just another needless & cruel punishment.

What I'm requesting, is that you VOID the $67. May you please take into account my rather dire financial situation when doing so? This entire event has already cost me dearly, & I can't afford to pay anymore.

- C.D.Brooks
- case number 080849955
Portland,OR 97214

I read about this taser victim 19.Feb.2009 18:59

ms feelings

didnt they take your bike (into a police property custody) then make you "walk" home at 5am ????
(when you first were arrested and tasered)

didnt you go down to "check up on the case" only to have them "arrest you in the lobby" when they could of told you your court day ????

didnt I read that they "said they told you by mail" yet you didnt ever receive anything to your knowledge at your address ????

didnt they give you over 50 hours of community service over this (crime)(sic) ????

didnt they screw with you enough, yet now they want to play "PAY ME /money games" with a poor person who is jobless (read victim) ????

From the voters guide. 24.Feb.2009 06:42


This just made me laugh, so I thought I would share. Any one know when this guys up for reelection because it sounds like he is doing a piss poor job.

from:  http://www.oregonvotes.org/may202008/guide/cand/mcsha_m.html
Judge of the Circuit Court
Michael McShane photo


Occupation: Judge, Multnomah County Circuit Court, Department 19

Occupational Background: Circuit Court Judge Pro Tem, Multnomah County (1997-2001); Senior Attorney, Metropolitan Public Defender (1988-1997)

Educational Background: Northwestern School of Law at Lewis and Clark College, J.D. (1988); Gonzaga University, B.A. (1983)

Prior Governmental Experience: Circuit Court Judge (2001-present); Hearings Referee in traffic, small claims, landlord-tenant, and criminal courts (1997-2001)


Judge McShane has worked in our Justice System for over twenty years. He moved to Portland in 1983 as a Jesuit Volunteer working with parolees and probationers who were homeless. As a trial lawyer, he litigated in excess of a thousand cases before judges and juries. Now on the bench for ten years, he handles a diverse caseload of complex criminal and civil matters. In 2005 Judge McShane was selected to sit as one of four judges on the death penalty panel for the Multnomah County Circuit Court.


Judge McShane believes that judges should be involved in service to the community. He actively participates in many organizations that serve both the legal and local community, including the following:

* St. Andrew Nativity School Board of Directors
* Governor's Council on Offender Re-Entry
* Adjunct Professor at Northwestern School of Law
* Northwestern School of Law Mentor Program
* Classroom Law Project
* Metropolitan Learning Center Friday Focus instructor
* St. Francis Dining Hall
* Oregon Judicial Dept. Criminal Law Committee
* Cascade Aids Project


Judge McShane listens to and cares about the victims, litigants, witnesses and jurors who appear in the courtroom. He understands the balance between community safety and respect for the human dignity of each person effected by his decisions. Judge McShane has a measured humility that allows him to learn from and listen to the stakeholders in the Justice System.

(This information furnished by The Committee to Retain Judge Michael McShane.)