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Zero Waste International Alliance 2009

about the congress.are available english translation and web tv
Starting on february 18th to 22nd, Naples will host a meeting organized by "Zero Waste International Alliance". Delegations of ZWIA and activists from local communities will discuss and promote zero waste strategies, talking about the best practices of reducing, reusing and recycling materials and the responsabilities relatives to producing environment. The congress will take place in "A.Casanova" (a scolastic institute in the center of the city, S.Sebastiano street). During the meeting days' the neapolitan indipendent media-activists will set up a media-center to take care of the press guests; through the URLs: www.inventati.org/radiolina and www.inventati.org/radiodimassa, you can follow the works, in double language ( Italian and English ). The whole program of the meeting and a streaming tv are also available on ZWIA09 web-site. In the meantime in "Chiaiano", in the neighborhoods of Naples, has open a huge waste site by militar forces lately contested by the all inhabitants; this is a simbolic sign of what the local authorities thinks about zero waste strategies. Photos

homepage: homepage: http://napoli.indymedia.org