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Radical Mental Health Movement

Join a radical mental health community on facebook and let's cook up some community.
Portland Radical Mental Health Movement is a group of community members (including mental health practitioners) that are united in the notion that lack of community connection is foundational to psychic, mental and emotional suffering. As such, it is within and through community that true healing takes place. Practitioners in this community are committed to the notion that making themselves (professionally) obsolete is an ultimate goal and do not see themselves outside of the communities in which they practice.

Please join us for discussion, events and community-building for the express purpose of supporting each other's mental health.

Join us on facebook and let's create some community around mental health  http://www.facebook.com/group.php?gid=51415679876&ref=nf.

Other ways? 18.Feb.2009 15:46


Is there any other way to be part of talk or events without being on facebook? If the group is primarily going to talk there, perhaps a listserv to announce events so the wider community can take part?

so you're saying....(and added info) 21.Feb.2009 19:55

a. visionary

So you're saying that having professional mediators, aka specialists, facilitating such alleged community can be valuable as well as valid? As, perhaps, to fill in gaps where they now aren't at all filled? And I guess you're not saying that community outside of such practitioners cannot happen? Okay...

I just want to ask, what happened to the Black Rose collective on this one? (I guess they meet elsewhere nowadays). Are you affiliating with them?

How do you truly erase professional mediation, anyway?

Are there any models like this already in effect?

How about information? Do you help the mentally challenged hear about alternate info? Say www.madpride.org (aka 877-MAD-PRIDE), or the group known as the Mental Patient's Liberation Alliance (out of Utica, NY; toll-free talk/crisis line: 1-800-654-7227). There have been various groups organized over the years; one I heard of even had a pamphlet they passed out to those experiencing mental "health" ideology. Anyone ever heard of the group which called itself the MPLF, or Mental Patients Liberation Front? They were based in Massachusetts.

Then there's Stop Shrinks (www.stopshrinks.org). They have an EXCEPTIONAL online library.

And don't forget Youtube voices like that of John Breeding, Jeffrey Schaller (sp?) and Tom Szasz (all professionals dissenting their own profession, the latter, systematically for the last 50+ years!). Do your specialists even know about these? And will they make such info known?

But as far as actual community goes, that's a good idea you have, on its surface. In my opinion, Mind Freedom (which has a regular magazine and a large Oregon network) is one place to explore, especially in terms of their open and loud stands against coerced drugging. Except that that's about as far as they dive. Still, better than nothing.

You read something like Szasz' seminal "The Myth of Mental Illness" (or any one of his more recent broadsides), and something by R.D. Laing, i.e. "The Politics of Experience" and then you go into such motions with a truly radical consciousness; with your eyes wide open, i say!

For what this is worth to the mentally challenged!

black rose mad pride blah blah blah 22.Feb.2009 17:35


> Do you help the mentally challenged hear about alternate info? Say www.madpride.org
> (aka 877-MAD-PRIDE), or the group known as the Mental Patient's Liberation Alliance

If you've got anti-psychiatry links to promote, then just promote them.

Presenting them in the form of a rhetorical question is unnecessary and confusing.

No, shrinks and social workers on facebook are not likely to teach their clients that psychiatry and social work are bullshit.