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Our heroes--Lone Vet

We stand, we fight, we go to jail and tomorrow we will do all again!
outside of earl blumenauer's office
outside of earl blumenauer's office
The next time you hear some jackass say, "Why are there no protest going on?"

Make a copy of this list and give it to him/her and smile. We are resisting in every way possible and things will change or this republic will fail.

These are the true heroes and there are many not on this list, this is just what David and National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance put together for 2008/09.

I thank and honor all of them who sacrifice their liberty and safety to protect you and me. There are many sitting in jails and prisons around this country this minute take a moment and just say 'THANKS.'

We will be on the corner across from the fed building in case you want to spend a few minutes defending our republic and demanding the new administration kept their promise, "... .No one is above the law... " President Obama 2009

National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance
Thanks to all of you who were able to risk arrest or to support such protests against the occupation of Iraq, the war in Afghanistan or other atrocities involving policies of the U.S. government. Let us continue to take the risks of peace. This list of appeals, arrests and legal cases is not all-inclusive. Please send additions, corrections and updates to mobuszewski at verizon.net. Included are arrests and pending cases from 2008 and 2009.
MAY 2009
8[WDC] Eight activists held in contempt after refusing to pay an assessment fee ordered by Superior Court Chief Judge Rufus King III are scheduled for a show cause hearing. Maria Allwine, Johnny Barber, Michelle Grise, Joan Nicholson, Max Obuszewski, Kay Warren, Bill Wylie-Kellerman and Jerry Zawada were convicted on charges relating to protests on Capitol Hill against war funding on either Sept. 26 or 27, 2006. King found them in contempt on May 11, 2007, and wanted to jail them. They demanded a trial.
They are scheduled to appear before Judge John Bayley, Jr. The previous judge ruled that the contempt case will be continued until after the appeals of the conviction are completed. A decision on the appeals is expected some time in 2009.
12[Santa Barbara, CA] Defendants Dennis Apel, Jeff Dietrich, Fr. Louie Vitale, OFM, and Fr. Steve Kelly, SJ, are to be sentenced after being found guilty of trespass on Dec. 4, 2008. They were arrested outside Vandenberg AFB on May 19, 2007. Prior to the trial, the judge granted the prosecution's motion in limine, which prohibited the defendants from making a comment or statement with regard to their religious or political reasons or views for their act of trespass. This ruling essentially gagged the defendants from making any meaningful statement in their defense since the foundation of their action was inspired by their beliefs.

Many, many more:


"These are the people who make me smile"------Lone Vet 2009

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