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We see it in our face as our society is caught in a machine of horrific greed.

The Truth

you have been told

1 you are surrounded
2 you have no power
3 you have no choice
4 you are alone

these are lies.

We know who has their foot on all of our necks and in this awareness, we are all brothers and sisters.
Little else matters in a family of humanity which is now under blatant attack by a degenerate royal class.

We see a world going up in flames as terror and privilege becomes rule and the Rule of Law, becomes the chaff of forgotten myth.

When a government of the people becomes a house of royalty, and our 'servants' remain always above the law as they commit horrific crimes, the common man becomes the doormat and blood host to these courts; we mourn the loss for the closing of doors in our children's lives. No longer are we a nation of open opportunities, but more, a thorn maze with privilege and wealth as gate keepers. Always in fear because we are so alone against a malevolent and omni-powerful force we have been shown to be beyond our control.

We rail ageist wars that send our children to their end with lies they waive in our face and laugh about in full view of the subject population.
We mobilize in the limited parameters of a corrupted election process to see it defiled and twisted for privilege.
And then we are assaulted with the avalanche of lies and duplicity as the 'winner' defiles the promises made to their followers and bows to the royal court, kissing the ring of the merchants of death while the people want peace.

But the royal houses want war and the clarions of their media, feed us more lies, telling us, in huge productions, that we all believe the lies. And you are alone in your outrage.
As the timid and indoctrinated nod their heads in unison with the ringmaster's whip.
It is only they themselves who are alone as slaves in shackles of complacency and fear.
Fear is a tool and the royal houses have always used it for rule.
Look into your brother's and sister's eyes and speak
the Truth. We are all in this together.

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