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Everyone Must See the Film Che!

After watching Che, my love for this great hero of the revolution has been completely renewed.
Everyone Must See the Film Che!

By Lloyd Hart

After watching Che, my love for this great hero of the revolution has been completely renewed. I feel that my love for Che and my revolutionary spirit have been also renewed by the economic war that has finally come to the surfaceof the American imagination. But this film Che has a story that tells of an actual successful revolution that still survives to this day despite the continued criminal activities of the U.S. Military Government and the hypocrisy of the window dressing liberal Americans call democracy that attempts to hide U.S. Military Government.

The film begins with Ernesto Guevara and Fidel Castro organizing to leave Mexico to begin their armed struggle in Cuba and goes through to the Bolivian Military Government's assassination of Che Guevara in the mountains where Che had organized and trained several columns of revolutionary fighters. This film is well researched, written, produced and acted and leaves the more spirited minds that see it with a feeling of the possibilities. That there is something worth fighting for.

Many will mull the effect that this film will have on the revolutionary spirit in all of us in the coming months and years as America slides ever closer toward civil war. The release of this film is however perfectly timed when especially Americans are under attack in much the same way the working poor and middle classes were in Cuba in the 1950s. The wealthy classes in America then as now are completely subjugated by the Military ruling body in the Pentagon. So all dictators throughout South and Central America controlled by the U.S. took on their U.S. masters form of Government and used violence and subterfuge to control and crush the democratic instincts of the people. The only difference for Americans has been the lie they call democracy was better manufactured and distributed here in the U.S.

Even now as the the New America President attempts to calm the angry American people who are being driven into homelessness and poverty by the economic war on the lower classes, it is becoming clear this president nor the ruling class have any real interest in improving things and are in cahoots to lower the standard of living that already had been demolished by Free Trade and N.A.F.T.A., the slave labor strategy dreamed up by those who hate the people and their sense on entitlement to a life with dignity.

Steven Soderberg cast this film perfectly with Benicio Del Toro playing Ernesto Guevara. Benicio Del Toro is an easy man to love for the simple fact that he clearly loves his audience at least when he is in the character of the rolls I have seen him play.


I recommend the link below to see an interview filmed by the newspaper The Guardian and posted at their site.

 link to www.guardian.co.uk

The most important thing this film does is remind us that, patriarchal dictatorships always run out of supporters while those that feed and take care of the health and welfare of all the people equally rise to become beloved of the people. This film shows that Ernesto Guevara truly loved the people he gave his life fighting for. The key word in this film, is love. And the people of Bolivia where Che Guevara was assassinated have returned the favor by giving their own lives to the revolution and are overthrowing the fascist patriarchal regime that has given away to America almost all of its wealth leaving 80 percent of that nation living in a most miserable poverty.

It is interesting that history has proven Che Guevara was correct in his stance against the patriarchal dictatorships he fought against and vehemently criticized time and time again.

Che Guevara will be proven correct again in the coming revolution that will remove the yoke of slavery presently being imposed by the U.S. Military dictatorship on the people of America.

Fill your revolutionary spirit see this film and join the fight.

Lloyd Hart


Lew Church, PSU Progressive Student Union lewchurch@gmail.com

Steven Soderbergh's four hour biopic epic of Che with Benicio del Toro is indeed one way to promote organizing. Like the Irish Film Board's The Revolution Will Not Be Televised (still in Progressive Student Union's film library, and we'll show it again soon, along with some poverty/economics films in El Norte) -- the movie of Che denotes US imperialism as a (largely not seen) force, by people in the US, which has trashed country after country, and union after union, at home and abroad.

As our longtime community partner, Laughing Horse Books, continues to discuss dissolving (or at least not being tied to their current, 3rd location, after being gentrified out from the first two locations), Progressive Student Union continues to look for film as one way to integrete/spread/expand organizing projects, campaigns and drives, with our campus-community coalition.

PSU Progressive Student Union (while still being attacked at PSU by the conservative ASPSU, SLAP, campus security, PSU Administration -- despite the new 'liberal' university president, Wim Wievel) is working on the Coke-Odwalla Boycott for human rights (Colombia, Darfur, Palestine); our new Tenant Rights Project (which we are hoping Mercury may start to cover shortly, against a so-called 'nonprofit' downtown slumlord); anti-imperalist US war organizing (Obama in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, and by proxy, against Palestine/Gaza); TriMet Oversight Project; etc.

We currently are evaluating locations/venues to re-start up the Progressive Film Fest (we have 350 videos in the film library).

Soderbergh has amassed an interesting, and good, combo of films, including Out of Sight (with George Clooney and Jennifer Lopez -- her best film), sex lies and videotape (with James Spader pre-Boston Legal), Traffic (also with Benicio del Toro, best film made against the Drug War -- which in 2008, killed 5,000 people in Mexico!), etc.

Soderbergh's Che promises to be what hopefully will be the first of many of what Howard Zinn calls 'missing world history' films. Apparently, Hugo Chavez (who just won the election in Venezuela, against term limits, which may be a good thing, despite what the Heritage Foundation/NED/CIA may contend) and Danny Glover are working to form a Progressive Film Studio-- the first film to be produced looks to be a biopic of Toussaint L'Overture.


PO Box 40011, Portland, Oregon 97240

Che will be at Cinema 21 from 2/27-3/5 17.Feb.2009 13:39


The epic film,227 minutes with intermission,will be at Cinema 21 for 1 week. I just checked their website and showing times are TBA.