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An analysis of the root causes of our current economic situation reveals more than just banking greed.
The image of warlike BU$H rolling in unearned OIL DYNASTY DOLLARS -and 13 million poor kids facing hunger every day ! "Hunger in America !" - was the title of a fine old TV Documentary viewed by millions, decades ago... and all but forgotten today ! Stark contrasts between $uper-luxury and abject misery abound... even within a single Community... say the existence of fire-hazard crumbling tenements side by side with gentrified high-rise palaces in Spanish Harlem !

Yet the link between our unbalanced economy - and WAR ! - does not seem to occur to anyone. Think about it !

Our persistent malady, $tagflation, lies at the bottom of it all. $tagflation has limited the ability of the consumer market to keep up (profitably) with another well-known flaw in our economic system... OVERPRODUCTION - massive pile-ups of unsold commodities, while MONOPOLY-fixed prices spiral skyward ! Prices for everything... from health insurance to GAS... from apartment rentals to food products... even subway fares sharply, unstoppably rising - giving rise to a proposed popular maxim: "The higher the price the poorer the service"... and our dangerous N.Y.C. subways depend on the worn-out technology that has not been replaced for the past
75 years !!!

"Overproduction", clearly the result of UNDER-CONSUMPTION by a shrinking consumer market - seriously affected by ever-rising "$TAGFLATION"... housing shortages caused by continuous raises in apartment rentals - thanks largely to widespread Gentrification of the housing market... the urban consumer is a direct victim of the spiraling costs of living under MONOPOLY control over production and prices, thanks to a BU$H - style policy of laissez-faire over the rising costs of living !

[Gentrification itself is a land-threatening malady. All across America the plague of Gentrification has struck... community after poor working class community is being devoured and displaced by this Real Estate monster... not only aimed at making a buck (OR huge bucks !) but also to create so-called rich "silk-stocking VOTING districts" to replace old workingclass neighborhoods and solidly democratic voting districts. Likewise manufacturing a severe HOUSING SHORTAGE for those unable to pay the soaring rents ! Gentrification is a very real and spreading cancer eating up our poor neighborhoods one by one... A class-ic example of the dire economic consequences of "Profit or Perish !!!"

While they profit - our solid Democratic-VOTING communities
perish !]

Yes - MONOPOLY thrives - as robber barons continue to dominate our industrial scene... which continues to overproduce... To create the impression of "prosperity", the factory wheels MUST keep turning, and churning out ever more huge quantities of unsold products, at equally huge profits... The name of the Game of Corporate high-finance, whose absolute rule is - "Profit or Perish !"

As is well-known, machines are used by the profit system to replace human labor. This has been so ever since the mechanization and automation of industrial production characterized the system's familiar problem of OVERPRODUCTION. But long before the Age of Automation, hand-workers rebelled at the JOB-replacing nature of the system. One militant movement of hand-skilled workers, known as Luddites, vented their anger and frustration by violently smashing machines in hopes to halt the inevitable.

The rise of machine production continued to create huge quantities of cheap machine-made goods, opening a new mass market on which early Capitalism relied for its spectacular rise to prominence and dominance over world affairs. The Machine Age was even rechristened by Mark Twain as "The Gilded Age", for the newly established power of moneyed wealth over society. PLUS OVERPRODUCTION, true - based on the unplanned nature of producing, for profit, without considering the sale-ability of its mountainous products.

This contradiction had much to do with the repeated "BOOM / BUST" nature of the system.

With today's Corporate scheme of so-called "free trade" - this now-technologized machinery produces a "race to the bottom" for the world's workers and workforces, lowering average wages and destroying work standards. Thus shrinking steadily the "buying" incomes of working people. The rapid decline of American workers - once the highest-paid working class on the planet - but NOW being replaced by both foreign "competition" and maldistribution, creates a crisis which NO amount of "protest" OR "peaceful adjustment" can CHANGE.

This affects the "buying power" of all classes, in the well-known domino effect causing instability and what this writer calls a serious "Profit Pinch"... felt all the way down the economic line; when workers lose, local businesses lose, and losses are felt from community to community; market to market; region to region; and country to country, in a consistent shrinking of all consumer markets.

Yet machines can continue to produce, planlessly, endlessly, and tirelessly - in an industrial production race-to-the MOON !

Long ago "we" (America) dropped the Gold Standard, which had kept our currency (prices and profits) anchored to the true value of the precious metal... This was an even more exacting standard, than the practical price-control legislation enacted by an F.D.R.-pressured Congress, during World War II. Today all such limits are off in a wild spree of profit-dictated prices spiraling upward, the same kind of economic affliction that had devastated post World War I Germany in the 1920's and 30's - the notorious "INFLATION" - in a defeated nation leading to the national suffering, bitterness and angst that ultimately led to Hitlerism ! As one leftwing leader pointed out during those years - bad times and acute suffering do NOT necessarily lead to mass struggle and revolutionary change - as some thought then... NO ! - the resulting national trauma can lead to violence, chaos and f a s c i s m !!!

A powerful lesson for peace forces today ! Sheer Public outrage against the terrible losses in Iraq does NOT guarantee any progressive CHANGE in BU$H war policy... Only a positive mass consciousness of the need to SAVE DEMOCRACY can unite US and rally all possible organized pro-peace-forces together to SAVE DEMOCRACY ! - for the exact purpose here in America and across the WORLD !

A key Question arises:

WHO indeed has the unlimited income to be able to pay for this ludicrous over-supply of OVER-PRODUCTION when the world consumer market utterly fails ?! WHO can buy up all this mountainous output ?

WHO indeed, has the unlimited income to be able to supply lucrative SALES reaching up "to the MOON ?"

(The much-used term "$TAGFLATION" describes it best... when inflation causes prices to spiral upward "to the moon," causing a serious stagnation in consumer sales.)

Economists are even concerned that a single out-of-reach price of JUST a single commodity could drive millions of low-income families into deeper debt, pushing the entire economy into a recession...

With the rising cost of GAS a necessity for millions of workers forced to drive to WORK each day, is creating an obvious hole in their purchasing power as consumers - this particular "heist" is seriously affecting real wages, and consequent buying power.

Yet that "game" - at the gaming table of profits - is being played at high risk today.

It is safe to say that - Corporate-controlled Industry is in serious trouble... just as was evidenced in the frenetic stock-market's financial tremors back in the fateful Year of 1928 - when privately monopolized production, led by such aggressive "Generals" of the militaristic corporate-monopoly "army" - as General Motors, General Mills, General Foods and General Electric - were confronted by a pending disaster in the year of the Crash - 1929 !!! Such an economic Calamity has been on the horizon again for quite some time ! - though not publicly spoken about OR openly admitted by the Public Relations Gurus of the Republican Party (and those phoney Democrats WE call "Republicrat$" !)

The Generals are nervous that their $ystem of "Private Enterprise" is in deep Question... when we can see its shaking foundations from the massive firings of their employees by two wounded Giants of Monopoly Power... Ford and General Motors !!! Tremors in the Economy were also felt in the fateful few years before the Stock-Market Crash of '29 !!! More than an Omen - these mass firings are a serious warning that something is wrong in "God's Heaven"... all's NOT right with the WORLD of "Private
Enterprise" !!!

So... the question arises (for all profit-dependent Industry)... Where do we go from here ? Who can buy up (profitably) the plethora of unsold products "our" automated machines are capable of grinding out - endlessly, planlessly (in terms of their salability) and prodigiously ?! Who can step in to avert the pending disaster ? Who is wealthy enough to save this Corporate-run monopoly $ystem and its amassed fortunes of Billions [Not to mention BU$H's proposed 2 TRILLION 900 Billion Budget] - from financial ruin ??? WHO indeed ?

And the answer comes back, loud and clear.

(You probably guessed it.)

Uncle Sam !

Our rich government, with its capacity for overtaxing the public and printing endless Dollars - is the ONE !

However... this requires an entirely "NEW" mode of production.

Of course our $uper-wealthy "Uncle" has NO conceivable USE for all the consumer products this vast machinery turns out (with the exception of Army-issue boots, military uniforms and general G.I. gear). All this vast machinery must produce for profit in a "new" way... it must become...


The name of the all-compelling profitable game of Corporate industry.

It is this compulsion which basically describes the lucrative shift of our major Economy from civilian consumption to production for the bloated Military... where the astronomical turn-out can be paid for by the all-out destruction of WAR$ waged on profitable terms !

THIS, then, explains the "all out destruction" of a profit $ystem gone mad with its inescapable "addiction to WAR" !

It is all one gigantic government boondoggle... and doubtless, the greatest CORPORATE / GOVERNMENT CON-GAME of all TIME !

However, like all serious drug addictions, it is endlessly costly. And WE THE PEOPLE are footing the bill. All this has also been called "GOVERNMENT WELFARE for THE RICH", and in the context of the above analysis, this is certainly true. But how to deal with this addiction is our present question mark ?

However, the concerted aim of all of today's unspeakable violence and the faked "WAR on Terrorism" is actually focused on achieving... what is called --


By definition what is globalization ?... A Corporate police state ruling our Earth, with its systematized, bureaucratized Corporate power, negotiated by a so-called "SUMMIT," a Corporate-Exclusive-Club of support, by Corporate-run self-styled technologically "advanced" nations, but under a strict U.S. hegemony of power.

"U.S. über alles !" is the current attitude and Hitler-inspired AIM of the Globalizers, under another Hitler-influenced call for a "New World Order" - adding but a single word (i.e. "WORLD") - to der Führer's well-remembered Call for a "New Order" !!!

Far worse than mere wording, however, the entire $cheme of Globalization would allow the Corporate bandits to seize control over the World's entire OIL supply, and all other earthly resources, plus the world's enslaved workforces, whose pay and work standards they would drive downward in a "race to the bottom" - JUST as they are doing today in their "free trade" assault on global workers - plus on our own once-respected, once-famous "American Standard of Living" !

In point of fact - all of today's explosive violence, its alarming pattern of military aggressions, bombings, killings, invasions and counter-invasions - are being USED for the ultimate purpose of forcing on humanity a basic $uper-Exploitation of the world's peoples, and the absolute RULE by unbridled Corporate GREED (against the warnings of all the people-serving sciences, and all intelligent practical wisdom, for the production and the protection of human safety, human health, and human life.)

Yes ! An insidious "race to the bottom" for humankind. And all their Corporate methods of anti-human warfare are part of (let's face it) a fascist $cheme for a FASCIST WORLD DICTATORSHIP - to destroy all possibility together with all hope for democracy. By this means the world's Corporations plan to confuse humankind and create an atmosphere of fear, in the Hitlerian tactic to $care humanity into an abject surrender to this totally greedy totalitarianism - under absolute, unquestioned Corporate RULE !

Today's WORLD is being threatened by a great clash of Class "interests"... to perpetuate the dominance of BIG MONEY over all politics and "policy" on a world scale - being foisted on humanity by the greatest most terrifying VIOLENCE the world has ever seen.

The "Globalizers" thus seek to cling to their inordinate, outlived power and wealth "by any means necessary !"

It is indeed a continuation of the age-old battle between $uper-GREED and HUMAN NEED... spiked by the present BU$H mad addiction to nuclear experimentation... promoting a threat to our very Mother Earth as never before, in all the long history of VIOLENCE. Forcing on mankind a fateful "choice" best expressed by Shakespeare's immortal query - "To BE or NOT to be ?" -- in terms of all out destruction even the Bard could not have conceived !

The realistic recognition by the world's peoples of the role of Democracy in opposing all this... only a world well-informed and advised of the SIGNIFICANCE of a truly democratic WAY of THINKING - can cope with the phony baloney (and Globaloney) of Corporate pretenses - that this inhuman war is "bringing democracy" to Iraq (OR ANYWHERE !) (SIC!)

The recognized genius of Dr. Albert Einstein exposed this false claim best... to paraphrase his words of wisdom; "Democracy - like PEACE - cannot be won (as these demagogues claim) - by military force; it can only be achieved by UNDERSTANDING !"

Yes ! understanding -- the unbalanced nature of the Corporate System! ONE foremost aspect of which is - "Maldistribution". How this has been noted as the nature of today's deadly explosive conflicts, raising Shakespeare's query - "To be or not to be ???" - as it applies to our entire planet. NUCLEAR annihilation is clearly not an answer. All this nuclear experimentation by BU$H (and Corporate Cohorts) is a malignant threat to our planet far greater than any other in the history of civilization.

REAL democracy - unlike militaristic demagogy - is the answer WE seek to it all.

We are seeking to convince Americans that today's epic $truggle requires a strong and strongly independent people's political party - to unify all our action-ready organized forces for REAL democracy, under the self-explanatory name of REAL DEMOCRATS (in answer to all the phony-baloney of Corporate claims and practices, imposing their false notions of what is "democracy" on a confused and ill-informed public.)
YES ! Understanding, in Einstein's all-inclusive definition - is KEY.

ONE very simple UNDERSTANDING of what Democracy is all about - and what it is NOT - in behalf of the great mass of our people - is - ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY. This goal and ideal in achieving real democracy - is assuredly NOT being exported by war, OR any other part of the BU$H agenda. For our own U.S. of A. ECONOMIC DEMOCRACY describes what BU$H-ism is decidedly NOT bringing to Iraq, Afghanistan, America OR the WORLD.


A perfectly practical realistic GOAL for all of humanity.

Yes ! WE CAN institute a society based on this simple concept... no "mystique" about it ! WE CAN VOTE into power a society based on true equality - in terms of the labor given and the income (and social services) earned. WE CAN VOTE into power an Administration that votes for:

1.) Taxing the rich Corporations and wealthy families of America in proportion to the wealth they have gouged from honest workers.

2.) Providing programs on a nationwide scale for needed adequate housing, healthcare, environmental protection, real education and creative child development... also the imaginative open-minded encouragement of all the arts and sciences.

A society with vision, humanity, true opportunity for all - with an all-sided UNDERSTANDING of the role played by customs, beliefs, traditions, and attitudes - ENDING the mass manipulations so typical of the Corporate media and TV's present influence... and ending all wasteful negativism.

It takes only a new and renewed spirit - convinced that - YES, WE CAN make this building of a new and renewed spirit into a mass-based REAL DEMOCRATIC PARTY... a strong uplifting popular movement in this America of ours today. In the very words of a popular slogan adopted by the American labor movement some years ago... "YES, WE
CAN !!!"

YES, WE CAN - re-awaken that youthful resilient unquenchably proud independent Spirit - as evidenced by the popular anti-war VOTE of 2006 ! - which IS democratic America - to accomplish the monumental job ourselves !!!

First of all - let's start NOW ! - NOT waiting for some surprise "blitz" OR unexpected sudden fear-tactic from the Right to disarm US. Building needed unity between our fighting-ready popular forces is the job at hand... in a step-by-step process requiring grassroots ACTION on all current issues, plus communicating with these active groups and their supporters on a regular basis. With up-to-the-minute bulletins that keep all updated on significant events and happenings. THUS taking the necessary steps, well-equipped with all possible names, addresses and databases in support of all inter-group mass actions, making ready for the greatest "Giant STEP of all" - which is, simply, JUST to get started !!!