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International Media Censorship Against Venezuela

Chavez: Third phase of the Bolivarian Revolution will be a huge revolutionary step forward.
Caracas March, February 12, 2009
Caracas March, February 12, 2009
Far from steering our ships of state towards the safe waters of eternal world peace, towards the harbors of the democratic doldrums of liberty, equality and fraternity, we are living and dying in a dangerous epoch of manifold global contradictions and conflicts, of recession and depression, of local and international wars, of hot blooded genocide and cold blooded ecocide, of social alienation and individual sadomasochism, of personal cyclophrenia (manic-depressive psychosis) and massive schizophrenia, of manslaughter (Manchurian Candidates) and paramilitary death squads, of Lilliputian egoism and Cyclopic megalomania, of 'freedom of speech, of thought, of the press' and 'full spectrum dominance,' of Body and Mind Control and of the most mortal, fatal and lethal of them all: of the War of Ideas. We called this world war: Practice and Ideology versus Praxis and Theory.

This is the historical context of the gigantic victory of the Venezuelan peoples, of the United Socialist Party of Venezuela (PSUV), led by President Chavez, in the Sunday elections ... they were performed in a peaceful, transparent, paradigmatic referendum.


Of course, if we try to emancipate humanity from such a capitalist Moloch, we are ostracized as terrorists, dictators and tyrants ... this is happening to President Chavez of Venezuela. Fighting against this is the real victory of February 15, 2009, of Venezuela.

In the late evening, in his address to the nation, Chavez made it clear to the celebrating multitude that the third phase of the Bolivarian Revolution will be a huge revolutionary step forward. Summing up, he underlined, as always, that with incisive praxis and decisive theory Venezuela must take up arms against 'a sea of troubles,' against the capitalist, imperialist, corporate mode of destruction of Life, of Ideas, Thought, Theory, Philosophy and Emancipation.

Concerning the latter, this morning my Brazilian friend informed me of the following: 'Este programa não pode ser fechado porque foi bloqueado pelo sistema.' (This program cannot be shown, it is blocked by the system)

He explained further: "The 'system' censored the e-mail which you had sent me yesterday, which contains the article on the Venezuelan elections: 'No problem for the yes (si) to accomplish a landslide victory,' published at:  http://www.vheadline.com/readnews.asp?id=77671

Well, what did the international agencies not like about my political predictions?

* That I tried to tell the flowing truth about Chavez and Venezuela.

* In fact, that against the Goebbels type of propaganda lies, scientifically I did foretell the election results 24 hours before they took place.

And, what were the results?

Three and a half hours after polls closed, we were informed that with 94.2% of voted counted, the CNE (Venezuela�s National Electoral Council) announced that the electorate had voted 54.4% to 45.6% in favor of 'Yes,' of affirming the constitutional amendment.


Precisely the 10 points difference, the 'million votes,' which I mentioned a day before, forced the opposition unwillingly to accept the results.

We are entering the season of carnival, of pan et circensis, of the Via Crucis to Golgotha, nowadays to Gaza. Our real political victory will occur when the emotional joy has subsided, and global reality will demonstrate that the only road left for permanent global revolution is scientific, philosophic and sapient socialism, that is, criticizing, self-critical, living Marxism.

E-Mail:  franzjutta@cantv.net Website:  http://www.franzlee.org.ve/index2.html