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VIDEO:: Joe Anybody Interviews Michele Darr "Keep The Guard Home" hunger fast

Michele Darr is protesting the use of Oregon National Guard in an Illegal War in Iraq.
She is on a hunger strike and this is "Day 24" when I interview her across from the Capital building and Camp Homebound. She worked harder than a whole group of people as I watched her collect hundreds of signatures
Joe Anybody Interviews Michele Darr 2.14.09
Joe Anybody Interviews Michele Darr 2.14.09
I have the opportunity to ask Michele a few hard questions
This video speaks for its self

I am hopeful and optimistic
I see the power of the people in Michele
She explains why she is fasting in her selfless way
She tells about the Guard members and Veterans
who stopped by to "thank her"
she tells me about her children safety.... ,
and why putting her life on the line is what we are "asking of the national guard"

homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id133.html

Michele Darr and Obama the Muslim Wimp 18.Mar.2009 00:33

J. Waters, VET!

I usually agree with most anti-war statements.. but once more to see one more innocent Female Radical.. with nothing on the line.. heving taken an Oath of fidelity to the Nation she is a citizen of... I say shut the hell up till you really earn your rights as a citizen.
How brave is it to protest. It's not brave or honorable at all.. do something to serve the nation. Why not volunteer at the VA to help those vets who must live with horrible injuries. .volunteer to help the families left behind or those who must care for their loved ones.

Listen to that coward Muslim African American Obama who now wants to charge Combat Vets.. yes. those who paid the price for Amrica's war. to pay for their own healthcare. I know most on this site hate the Vets. hate anyone who values the oaths they took.. and served in the face of war and horror.

I've watched the young radicals, all dressed up looking like such dummies and fools; Doing nothing.. have you ever seen war.
I had a marine fall on my body to protect me from a second rocket attack by Taliban in Afghantistan to save my own useless life. He gave his life to save mine.. yet you radicals will just laugh and say who cares.. well. I care. .Semper FI...!
Fuck those who shout and roar.. who tip toe like little sissy's at each and every radical anti-war parade. I say let's form an armed force to arrest Obama along with Bush and Cheney and place them all on trial for crime against humanity. If Obama goes though with his attempt to fuck over the Vets then he deserves to be arrested by the people and jailed for life...! We must go after those who mess over our fellow citizens. The same goes for Portland's Terrorist Cops who are all guilty of crimes against humanity. In short Portland is the sickest city I've ever seen.. FUCK PORTLAND..!