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applying sustainable concepts to daily living

skill share for creating tools and instruments for portable sustainable systems.
applying sustainable concepts to daily living
Start: 02/25/2009 - 16:33
Timezone: Etc/GMT-8

sustain ability now, call 15034384093. (2nd floor city repair 3125 e. burnside) email  johndoe91269@yahoo.com for info

you want to live in a green world, but dont think that recycling is enough. this course will be a skill share for people to come together and share their ideas about simple living, and creating our own DIY resources. each one teach one. there will be room for discussing ideas and creating the tools and instruments to implement portable green living sytems.

bike power
bike carts
wind energy
solar energy
earth energy
fire energy
permaculture arts
rustic design
Suggested Materials:
you name it, we'll use it.