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bike guerilla gardening

bike guerilla gardening: emitting wholistic remediation through the rapid dispersal of seeds
Start: 02/26/2009 - 4:33 p.m.
Timezone: Etc/GMT-8
sustain ability now, call 15034384093. (2nd floor city repair 3125 e. burnside) email  johndoe91269@yahoo.com for info

guerilla gardening bike "hit and run" squad.

unofficial spring is almost here. why not help start some raised beds and plant some seeds and transplants? we will be skill sharing, each one teach one, various permaculture knowledge. if you know alot thats great, if your thumb is black thats great too, we'll make it green, and cruising portland sowing seeds, and throwing seedballs. we will also have mushrooms to grow. prepare to ride, weather permitting at a medium-gentle pace. taking time to stop and plant some roses.
Suggested Materials:
something to plant, something to dig with, something to plant in, soome water to drink, something vegan to share and eat.
Requires bicycling

phone: phone: 15034384093
address: address: 3125 e. burnside 2nd floor