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Dr Judy Wood, Thank You

Dr. Judy Wood has achieved many "firsts" for 9/11 truth. Despite serious threats and being maligned within the movement, she has persevered for the cause of truth. Dr Wood made the first free fall collapse study of the WTC, reported Hurricane Erin off the New York coast and filed suit to expose the 9/11 cover up.
You have fought for the truth of 9/11 events since 9/11/2001.  http://janedoe0911.tripod.com/Wood_Bio.html

You published the first research and proof of free fall collapse and controlled demolition of the WTC towers:  http://janedoe0911.tripod.com/Wood_Bio.html

Despite the murder and likely assassination of your friend, Michael Zebuhr, you continued to work for 9/11 truth:  link to michaelzebuhr.blogspot.com

You connected the Hutchison Effect with phenomena at the World Trade Center and Directed Energy Weapons:  http://www.drjudywood.com/

You told us about Category 3 Hurricane Erin, the eye 300 miles off the New York coast on 9/11/2001:  http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/erin/CNN_Erin.html

You filed suit and an appeal to expose the truth of 9/11, while other "leaders" of the movement did not:  http://www.drjudywood.com/articles/NIST/Qui_Tam_Wood.shtml

Thank you, Dr. Wood!

Video link from when Judy was in Portland last year 17.Feb.2009 23:11

Joe Anybody

Video from when she spoke at Barbati's last year

Dr Judy Wood - 911 Truth - speaks in Portland Oregon
The Hutchin Effect - Energy Field Discussion - 6-1-08

TiredOfConspiracyTheories? 18.Feb.2009 15:16


Noone really knows where the search for truth will end, but if you are satisfied only with the stories (theories) about who did it and why, without knowing what the "it" is, then the search has reached a dead end. But don't give up, there are still questions and issues to be explored. Judy Wood keeps refining the questions with some interesting results; she wastes nobody's time because there is no time to waste. Noone can afford to ignore the contribution of a researcher who has the expertise *and* the compassion to explain to others how to observe and pay attention. The *more* we know the better we can discriminate not only what happened but also what needs to happen. Encourage each other. Encourage and Applaud the work that Judy Wood shares with everyone.

A tribute to Dr. Wood 19.Feb.2009 17:52

Cathy Garger

As an Associate Member of Scholars for 9/11 Truth who had been examining 9/11 for years, I was honored to meet Dr. Judy Wood on September 11, 2006. Dr. Wood impressed me as a brilliant scientist who dared think outside the box and look for answers without regard to what others were saying.

After examining more of her research, I learned that indeed Dr. Wood was making some logical observations that could not possibly be explained by theories of demolition and collapse that other scientists in the controlled opposition "official 9/11 truth movement" groups have been espousing.

Why in the world, I kept wondering, were these particular scientists - carefully showcased darlings and heroes of the "movement" - being treated like kings, with big conferences and a massive, sophisticated, PR effort befitting royalty?

I then came to see the "movement" for what it is... a highly organized, controlled, well-funded effort designed to keep us all far, far away from the direction in which Dr. Wood has been headed for years. The more she was ridiculed and marginalized, the more I was curious to keep studying Dr. Wood's work in an effort to find out why Dr. Wood's reputation was being so viciously attacked. In effect, the more that Dr. Wood was ridiculed, the more strongly I began to suspect an orchestrated effort was underway to discredit her precisely *because* she was hitting way too close to the truth for the perpetrators' comfort.

It is now blatantly obvious to me that Dr. Wood is on the right track with her research. Furthermore, her pictures and easy to understand and her straightforward explanations fascinating to contemplate. I do hope Dr. Wood will continue to forge full speed ahead in her admirable bold and courageous style, going continuously in the direction wherever the discovery of the truth leads her.

Because of Dr. Judy Wood's years of hard work and incredible dedication, I dare say we are that much closer to learning that it was certainly not mere explosives at all that obliterated the towers into little more than fine dust.

In Defense of Judy Wood 24.Feb.2009 06:06

Eric Larsen posting.ericlarsen@ericlarsen.net.info

Judy Wood's research and her accumulation of empirical evidence are beyond dispute, and any denigration of them can be due only to partisan, personal, or political influences. She has shown by means of exhaustive evidence that the WTC towers cannot have "collapsed" due to 1) the impact of jet planes, 2) the heat generated by burning jet fuel, or 3) solely due to pre-planted explosives.

That seismic measurements show the ground shaking for only eight seconds while it would require at least ten seconds for the towers to fall even at--though that would be impossible under normal circumstances--free-fall speed proves her thesis that the material of the towers above the level of the 18th floor didn't "collapse" but instead ceased to be, became converted into micro-particulate dust, simply "disappeared into thin air." The incredibly small amount of rubble commensurate with the size and height of the towers proves the same thing. And so does the absence of damage to neighboring buildings from any laterally-propelled material anywhere ABOVE THE 18TH FLOOR LEVEL. Where did that material above the 18th floor level go?

Judy Wood's evidence is vast, conclusive, impartial, empirically based, and scientifically obedient to the laws of objective observation. She has proven, as I said, that the towers cannot have "collapsed" due to the impact of airplanes, due to the heat generated by burning jet fuel, or due solely to conventional pre-planted explosives of whatever kind you might choose.

Now, to hold Judy Wood's empirical work in contempt for the reason that she's unable to REPRODUCE OR DUPLICATE whatever force it was that destoyed the WTC towers is nothing less than an absurdity. Take Pompei, for example. Exhaustive empirical evidence exists showing that a volcanic eruption resulted in the burial of Pompei. Does anyone in his or her right mind contend, if we are to agree that Pompei was indeed buried as a result of volcanic eruption, that the person claiming such to have been the case must prove him- or herself capable of reproducing or duplicating the eruption of that same volcano?

Absurd, admittedly and patently absurd. Why, then, do the enemies of Judy Wood insist that nothing she shows, reveals, identifies, or cites as empirical evidence MUST be disregarded BECAUSE SHE CAN'T REPRODUCE, REPLICATE, OR REPEAT THE MEANS BY WHICH THE TOWERS WERE BROUGHT DOWN? She has proven that they weren't brought down by jet impact, burning fuel, or pre-planted explosives. That's a GREAT DEAL to have proved. Why in the name of all that's holy should those proofs be held hostage until such time as she can REPLICATE the disaster? Only the individual, party, agency, group, or government that or who brought the towers down in the first place knows how and precisely in what way they or it did it, and knows how and precisely in what way to DUPLICATE the horror.

Belittling or repudiating Judy Wood and her work is and cannot be other than due to personal, partisan, or political malevolence. By all the laws of science that we have inherited from the time of the Enlightenment, her work is valid, thorough, unarguable, empirically based, and, in itself, uncontroversial. Those refusing to accept her conclusions--whether on grounds seemingly solid or, more likely, transparently flimsy and fraudulent--have a very great deal indeed to account for. The enormity of what's at sake should, for any person driven by conscience and love of the republic, should quickly abandon petty or merely vindictive argument and allow the natural strength of empirical science, as revealed in the work of Judy Wood, to have its proper and powerful say.

posting.New York, New York.info

Clarity of Perception 24.Feb.2009 13:53

Andrew Johnson ad.johnson@ntlworld.com

This is an excellent thread, to which I wish to add - that if Dr Wood hadn't illustrated to me the basic facts of the "dustification" of the WTC steel on 9/11, the understanding of how the events fit into the global picture would not have become clear to me.

True Science starts with exploration of data - and using logic and analysis to make sense of it.

Dr Wood has kindly laid out the data on her website for anyone with a truly curious and open mind to study objectively, without being told what to think.

Her research seems to have presented a choice to us all - are we interested in the truth, and in discovering for ourselves, or are we interested in letting someone else give us our opinion and our conclusions?

22 Mear Drv Borrowash

Is it wise to mindlessly be obedient to authority? 27.Feb.2009 22:31

John Forsyth swan3289@yahoo.com

Does one mindlessly follow authority or is it wiser to think and decide for one's self?
When you turn a glass tower into dust, one could conclude without any further evidence that there are a lot of glass shards in that dust and if that glass gets into my lungs...it would be bad for my health...yet
they simply decided to disregard the most elemental analysis and follow authority mindlessly...now...it is the authorities who are at fault and they are the innocent victims...
I don't think it is that easy...there is something more profound about what our culture is about and how we have taught our children
Self deceit as a cost for obedience to authority is the coin of the realm
and we all believe in that value, and we practice it every day in america


re:Video link from when Judy was in Portland last year 26.Apr.2009 17:50

wakeup call

u know teh group whod id that
has teh guy whos harrassed a 911 witness
for YEARS?