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RNC lawsuits important info

The Community RNC Arrestee Support Structure (CRASS)'s campaign for civil litigation is up and moving! Workshops, actions, and deadlines are rapidly approaching, so look below for important information.
Civil litigation is a great way to hold the state accountable for the police violence and repression during the RNC, and has the potential to strengthen our movement through community organizing and political victories.

Mardi Gras Action!!!
Tues. Feb 24th Noon at the State Capitol lawn (St. Paul).
We will turn in our Notices of Claim forms and have a musical procession through downtown. Bring your instruments, Mardi Gras costumes, Notice of Claim forms, friends & neighbors.

Civil Litigation Workshop
Sun. Feb. 22nd 2-4:30pm Bedlam Theater Rehearsal Space
Learn everything you ever wanted to know about how to sue The Man! Notices of Claim, class action and group claims, the history of civil lit- all this and more at the exciting second installment of Civil Lit 101. We will also prepare for the Mardi Gras action so bring arts & crafts supplies if you got em.

If you can't make it or live out of town, fear not! All this info and more is online at www.rncaftermath.org/get-involved/civil-litigation-information. Detailed information about Notices of Claim (and the forms themselves) are available. Deadlines to turn in these forms start on Feb. 24th so fill yours out (two copies) and send them to us ASAP at:

CRASS c/o Coldsnap
PO Box 50514
Minneapolis MN 55405

homepage: homepage: http://www.rncaftermath.org