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WTF-Lone Vet Report

This is Sad and Dangerous
UFPJ Violates Own Policies to Avoid Holding War Criminals Accountable
Submitted by davidswanson on Mon, 2009-02-16 12:53.
Criminal Prosecution and Accountability

United for Peace and Justice, Largest Peace Coalition in U.S., Abandons its Agenda in Order to Avoid Working for Accountability and Prosecutions
At a time when more and more organizations are speaking up for accountability, including AfterDowningStreet, Democrats.com, Progressive Democrats of America, Code Pink, Center for Constitutional Rights, Robert Jackson Steering Committee, National Accountability Network, People for the American Way, American Civil Liberties Union, American Freedom Campaign, Amnesty International, World Can't Wait, High Road for Human Rights, and many others, ...
At a time when the media has taken up the issue as never before and a recent poll shows Americans wanting prosecutions for torture...
The largest peace coalition in the country has chosen to violate its own policies in order to move in the opposite direction.

Personal note:

This is an indicator of something that I fear will destroy the Peace Movement if we allow this to continue: Read the rest of the story by going to:

My response to David Swanson:

This is just sad!

One of my fears going back to the beginning of the protest against the war, Bushco and the do nothing leadership of the Democratic Party was that the national groups like UFPJ would become a branch of the dems. This and other instances have indicated to me that this may be happening. What happened to you David is not good and I thank you for yelling as loud as it takes to get our attention. We must have accountability because you cannot have Peace without Justice.

Many of us have been out in the cold, arrested, standing, yelling, demanding, and pleading for Justice. It will happen someday because it must or we will be no more. Thanks again David and to all who try to keep the nationals honest and open.

Joe Walsh---Lone Vet, Portland, Or.
Member of VVAW
Member of Individuals for Justice
Member Veterans Against Torture
Supporter of VFP

homepage: homepage: http://Squadron13.com

Thanks, Lone Vet 16.Feb.2009 13:21

Jody Paulson

What does it say when a people allow torture, war crimes, and crimes against the Constitution to go unpunished, and in some cases not even rectified! We can't rest until every one of our kids comes home from every profit-driven foreign greedfest and every last one of those responsible for the above mentioned is sent before a jury!!!

People, don't give any sellout organization any more of your money or your time. It's time to start investing in principle.

This could be good 16.Feb.2009 20:47

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

UNDATE from David Swanson

Nothing has actually changed yet, but the following changes have been promised by UFPJ:

-- The Working Group on Accountability and Prosecutions will be permitted to have a listserve and a webpage.
-- The Working Group will be permitted to submit items for inclusion in weekly Emails and in stand-alone emergency Emails, and to have someone respond with a yes or a no, and a why or why not.
-- The Working Group will either be integrated into the "Yes We Can" campaign that has come to consume all of UFPJ's time and energy, or it will be permitted to create serious work separate from that campaign. UFPJ has not decided which of these alternatives to go with. Neither will be easy. Neither has previously been contemplated. The prior arrangement was to brush Accountability and Prosecutions aside as unimportant and ignore those working on them. Either solution to taking the work seriously would be a major change for the better and a good reason to take more seriously UFPJ's commitment to follow through on the decisions of its members. And that would be a good reason to keep supporting UFPJ.

UPDATE 17.Feb.2009 14:17

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

From David Swanson, things are heating up and maybe something good will happen
For Justice and Peace
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

UFPJ Is Showing Signs of Coming Through With Changes I Can Believe In


Well that didn't take until March. Within 30 seconds of posting the last update (below) I got from UFPJ access to a larger listserve, and a link to a webpage. The webpage should appear any moment now at:

The webpage should have a link for those who want to join the listserve of the UFPJ Working Group on Accountability AND PROSECUTION.

That's a start, huh?



UFPJ has put out this response (PDF):
 link to salsa.democracyinaction.org

Other than the renaming of the group to remove the word Prosecution and the pretense that we wanted the conveners listserve that we already had, the plea to be nice seems pretty reasonable, the commitment to actually do things seems encouraging.

These questions remain:

When will we have a webpage?

When will we have the larger listserve (claiming it "exists" but that we can't be told how to find it yet doesn't quite make it usable much less justify claims that we should have known it "existed")?

When will we have even a response to the submissions we've made of emergency urgent Emails to go out and items to go in weekly Emails?

And most significantly, there is no answer here as to whether the Working Group on Accountability AND PROSECUTION will be part of the "Yes We Can" campaign or will be part of other major work. What exactly will be done with a separate flyer from our group? And why is there no mention of the fact that we've already drafted and submitted such a flyer and received no response to it at all?

I'm not asking that all of these questions be answered today -- that would get tiring after two months of it. But I'd be inclined to think that if all of this is still in the promises stage in March it will be beyond reasonable to conclude that something is wrong.

If, on the other hand, words become actions, I'll be inclined to tell everyone to support UFPJ as much as possible.

And if it ever becomes possible to have things corrected or "cleared up" within a few hours as claimed in UFPJ's response (cleared up how? did anyone receive any corrected talking points?) I will consider urging people to take out loans to fund UFPJ. I'm serious. A peace movement that works would be worth a great deal of sacrifice.