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Video:: Arrest Bush & Cheney Protest - Portland 2.12.09

This was filmed across from The Federal Building in downtown Portland.
A weekly protest from Individuales for Justice.
2 interviews from the protesters.
Arrest 2009
Arrest 2009
Thursdays at high noon
The demand for justice on the crimes by the Bush Regime
This is part one of two videos
Filmed on 2.12.09


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It was cold, but our hearts were warm 15.Feb.2009 22:57

Lone Vet lonevet2008@comcast.net

The Event:

We got there about 1145, Malcolm and I started with a meeting with the federal police, he was friendly and knew who we were and not too sure of why we where there. We explained that we must hold criminals accountable because we are a land of laws and not men/women. The others came throughout the two hrs and it seemed we were about 8-9 at any given time. We held signs that said things like--"Real Americans Arrest War Criminals." We handed out lots of copies of "The War Crimes Times" with an insert with a picture of the Nuremberg Trials, (Some of the faces are bush/cheney etc.). Many looked at us in surprise, I think and fear that many think the occupation, killing, and other violations of our Constitution have passed with the elections. Sad

It was a good beginning and we must build on it because it must be done. I will do my part and we shall see. For me it was a good day, Irene brought me a cup of Mocha and I was happy. This is a long protest and the people in the area will warm up to us. It would be good if my fears were wrong and President Obama arrested all the key players in the bush administration. Hmmmm don't think so.

We pick Thursday because we just came off another protest/vigil in front of Rep. Earl Blumenauer's Office calling for him to call for impeachment. We stopped our protest on January 20th because bush was now out of the White House. Never did get the Earlman to call for impeachment but he did know we were watching everything he did and blasted him when he was wrong and supported him when he was a real dem and not just another democratic cocktail drinking fool who says one thing and does another. (can you imagine if all 435 reps had people outside their office?)

Many of us have been arrested in ex senator gordon smith, at the earlman's office, at the recruiting stations in Portland, or trying to stop a tank from being in a parade. So we plan on being here at bit and know that others are doing what the can, many are not just hoping, they are out in the streets and doing things that their children and grandchildren will be proud.

Tis me favorite!
Tis me favorite!
I always wondered it this would happen some day
I always wondered it this would happen some day
This looks good to me
This looks good to me

VIDEO: This is part ii 18.Feb.2009 01:10

Joe Anybody

Here is Part 2 from the "Arrest Bush & Cheney Protest" on Feb 12 2009
It is a ten minute YouTube video