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Cooperative Culture-Building!

We're a new group seeking active and engaged members to discuss making practical change happen in the Portland community.
We've written a brief mission statement:

Portland Alliance for Cooperative Culture-Building aims to connect the cooperative community and foster a vision of a sustainable and open society. We seek to facilitate the growth and collaboration of local groups by building an advanced support network and promoting practical methods for achieving transparency, egalitarianism, and autonomy.

Some of the stuff we're especially interested in are sustainable ecology, social network technology, alternative economies, cooperative communities, the expansion of the counter-culture and unconventional politics.

We'd especially love to get in touch with like-minded organizations. Our activities will be driven by the needs of the community, with a focus on helping new cooperatives form and organize themselves effectively.

You can find us on the web at <a href=" http://culturebuilding.ning.com/"culturebuilding.ning.com</a>, and all are welcome to join us for our Wednesday night dinner and discussion group in SE Portland.

Wed, 7pm.
7534 SE Duke St

homepage: homepage: http://culturebuilding.ning.com
address: address: 7534 SE Duke St