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Dwindling number of jobs to apply for

There's a dwindling number of jobs out there to apply for, as evidenced by a quick glance at the WW jobs section
It's easy to flip through WW and wonder where the jobs classifieds section is. A few weeks ago I was leafing through the paper, and couldn't find the section at all, and wondered if it had been eliminated altogether.

I happen to have a WW from Aug. 2006, and a comparison between then and now is quite revealing. In last week's WW, the jobs section takes up half a page, and I count between 8-10 ads that would appear to be viable job opportunities.

In the Aug. 2006 paper, there's a page and a half of job or job-related ads. The ads offer jobs in a variety of areas, including a few with the paper itself.

Is the fundamental difference here that back in '06 the nation was in the midst of a housing bubble? It's funny--back then I was only vaguely aware that there even was a housing bubble. But I did have a belief that fighting and occupying two foreign countries, and cutting taxes, would sooner or later bankrupt a country and its citizens. It was only in 2007, though, that we had a name for this ("housing bubble")

In related news RE the hard times that media companies are having, the Jan. 2 Vancouver Voice reported that the Columbian, Clark County's daily paper, will be moving from its new office building (the Columbian building) back to its previous location. It's kind of sad--the company moved into its big new building not long ago.

I'm curious what will happen with the Columbian building--will it remain the Columbian building, but be converted into lofts and condominiums? This might not be a bad idea, as it would add character to Vancouver.

**Some ideas for job seekers
Aside from Craigslist, I would recommend the Worksource Oregon and Washington websites for job ads. I won't plug any corporate job boards, but I've found the employment advice columns on Oregonlive helpful. There's a lot of columns from the New Orleans Times-Picayune, some of which describe what the labor market is like in New Orleans and the Katrina-devastated region. This is becoming increasingly relevant to the rest of the nation, as hard times and economic upheaval reach into many corners of the country.
(the Times-Picayune columnist featured is Paul Greenberg)