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Economic Crisis Town Hall Followup Meeting

Wednesday February 18, 2009 6:30 PM
SEIU Local 49
3536 SE 26th Avenue

The Town Hall on the Economic Crisis was a great success with over 800 people participating in the plenary sessions and workshops. But we know that the Town Hall was just a start.

Join us on Wednesday evening as we figure out how to continue building a movement for a just economy. We will hear short (2 min) presentations from groups working on different aspects of the economic crisis. Whether you want to figure out where to plug in or just find out more about what is going on, this will be a great opportunity.
And we want to come out of this meeting with concrete ideas for actions and/or campaigns that will unite us across our different issue areas and continue to broaden and deepen the network developed out of organizing for the Town Hall. We need your ideas and energy to help make this happen!