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harry oh harry

We must have a leader and not a Greeter!
"Please don't ask me to stand up!"
Senator Harry Reid, Majority Leader for the Senate---got to go!

I have watched this guy draw more lines in the sand than the guy who draws the lines in a football game. Every time there is a confrontation with the republicans harry draws another line. Seems like a nice guy; a Mormon who is against a woman's right to choose, left the little weasel sen. lieberman in his chairmanship even though he called President Obama a terrorist. Well, maybe he is not such a nice guy.

During our protest every Thursday in Portland, Oregon, which calls for the indictment of the war criminals, (bush/cheney et al) I will now break out my rubber chicken with harry,'s name on it and it hang from a stick--maybe next to a shoe. What do you think?

My mind wanders to the realm where we have Sen. Barbara Boxer in "nice harry's" place, or even Sen. Bernie Sanders---wow, that would be good! Sen. Sanders has said, on more than one occasion; make the republicans get up on the floor of the Senate and filibuster. Republicans would have to explain to the American people why they are talking about nonsense when the country is in difficult times and needs action. Harry says it is his job to compromise----NO!

Well, we will be across from the Fed Building this Thurs at high noon---come and see harry hanging from a tree, next to a shoe that I would throw at bush if I had the chance.

"Want to take a Ride"

Joe Walsh Lone Vet
Portland, Or.
Member VVAW
Supporter of VFP

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