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Main Activist 9/11 Widow, Beverly Eckert, Dies In Plane Crash, met Obama week before

Below is information about Beverly Eckert's background that provide federal motive to kill her to keep the 9-11 cover up in place, and below is the transcript from the final communications between control tower, the Colgan 3407 plane which went down, and other local pilots. --- "A week before her death, Eckert met with Obama as part of a group of 9/11 families...." Now she's dead. --- Five minutes before landing, plane was entirely fine until the descent--when it looses all radio contact at around 2,300 ft. Pilots reported nothing wrong with the plane or the whole trip before it dropped out of the sky. CIA dirty tricks manual says airline disasters are sure methods of assassination. Just ask Mr. Casolaro, the main investigator of federal politicians involved in a national pedophile/drug muling network around the Bush family. Mr. Casolaro was killed the same way, when he bagged some key evidence of the Franklin-cover-up. The "National Safety Transportation Board" is the first of the cover up institutions of the federal criminals for plane crashes. It allows federal criminal elites to insert themselves over local perhaps less corrupt jurisdictions to keep their federal cover ups in place by taking jurisdiction away from where a crime or crash actually occurred. The NSTB of the USA has been involved in political cover up long before 9-11--to protect the criminal elites from prosecution. Just read some Sherman Skolnick about its long history of its members being an accessory to crime, or review what it did after 9-11; or review what it did after TWA flight that dipped into the ocean a decade back that seems to be a victim of a top secret gov't operation/accident that went awry, or that intentionally shot a civilian plane out of the sky and covered it up.
Obama Devil-Signing like Bush, criminal torch passed
Obama Devil-Signing like Bush, criminal torch passed
9-11 Activist Eckert holds picture of late husband Sean Rooney in May 2002 photo
9-11 Activist Eckert holds picture of late husband Sean Rooney in May 2002 photo
There's no evidence reported from the pilots for the lie of "ice on the wings." Besides, they are not going to have evidence of that from the pilots (that didn't report such a thing and who reported that NOTHING was wrong with their plane or the whole trip as they made a descent), nor are they going to find evidence of ice on the ground for that assessment due to the fire and on the plane upon impact. Speculation: since it lost radio contact, catastrophic electrical failure in some way perhaps is the assessment of the crash--and that can be engineered from outside the plane to be tailor made for the plane once it is identified to be on the approach as it was from air traffic communications. Easier to pick it out of the sky and make it plummet to earth when it identifies itself and its position upon approach.


PHOTOS: Beverly Eckert

AUDIO: Plane's Call to Tower

Last updated: 7:34 pm
February 13, 2009
Posted: 9:53 am
February 13, 2009

WASHINGTON - One of the victims of the Buffalo commuter plane crash, Beverly Eckert, was a Sept. 11 widow who put her never-ending grief to good use to make the country safer.

President Barack Obama, speaking in the White House's East Room, said Eckert "was an inspiration to me and to so many others, and I pray that her family finds peace and comfort in the hard days ahead."

A week before her death, Eckert met with Obama at the White House as part of a group of 9/11 families and relatives of those killed in the bombing of the USS Cole, discussing how the new administration would handle terror suspects.

Eckert was flying to Buffalo Thursday night to celebrate what would have been her husband Sean Rooney's 58th birthday.

When he died in the World Trade Center, she became one of the most visible, tearful faces in the aftermath of the terror attacks.

Carol Ashley, whose daughter died at the World Trade Center, said the grim details of Eckert's death are particularly painful to Eckert's friends among 9/11 families.

Obama Offers Condolences to Crash Victims [while carrying on with the federal 9-11 state terrorism cover up]

AUDIO: Plane's Call to Tower

"The fact that it was a plane crash, it was fire, it was reminiscent of 9/11 that way, that's just very difficult," said Ashley, a retired schoolteacher from Long Island.

She carried that grief to Congress as she tried to make the government do a better job protecting its citizens from terrorism.

Her husband worked at Aon Corp., a risk management firm, at the 98th floor of the south tower.

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Audio transcript: 'We have a plane that didn't make the airport'

These are the final communications between control tower, the Colgan 3407 plane which went down, and other local pilots

The passenger plane which crashed into a house in an upstate New York suburb, killing 49, was set to start its approach to land when air traffic controllers suddenly lost contact with the pilot.

According to audio recordings, the control tower called in vain for Continental Connection flight 3407 operated by Colgan Air to respond, after the pilot stopped communicating at 2,300ft.

One controller asked for help from other pilots who were also making their approach to land, in order to find out what had happened to the plane.

After four minutes of anxious exchanges, a pilot of another flight confirms: "Er - we just, we just saw it down."

Control tower: Colgan 3407, descend and maintain 6,000 (pilot heard to respond)

Tower: Colgan 3407, descend and maintain 5,000 (pilot responds)

Tower: Colgan 3407, descend and maintain 4,000 (pilot responds)

Tower: Colgan 3407, descend and maintain 2,300 (pilot responds)

Tower: Colgan 3407, approach (no response)

Tower: Colgan 3407, Buffalo

Tower: Colgan 3407, Approach

Tower: Colgan 3407, Approach?

Tower: Delta 1998, look off your right side about 5 miles, for a Dash-8, should be 2,300. Do you see anything there?

Delta 1998: Negative, Delta 1998, we're just off the bottoms, nothing on TCAS

Tower: Colgan 3407, Buffalo?

Several unsuccessful attempts to contact pilot.

Tower: Delta 1998, you have VFR conditions?

Delta 1998: negative.

Tower: Colgan 3407, Buffalo Tower, how do you hear?

Tower: (Contact) either State police or Sheriff's dept - we need to find out if anything's on the ground. This aircraft was 5 miles out, all of a sudden we have no response from that aircraft. All I can tell you is that we had an aircraft over the marker, and we're not talking to him now. Delta 1998, you had any icing where you're at?

Delta 1998: We picked up some on the way down, not building up any more now. It was 6500 down to 3500 maybe?

Tower: ok, thank you sir. Delta 1998, it's gonna be a delay, ah, gonna bring you back around, expect a hold over Klump.

Tower: Jetblue 5, I'll have to get back to you, apparently we have an emergency, I'll have to get back to you.

Tower: Cactus 1452, we'll be bringing you back around here shortly to the airport here.

Cactus 1452: OK, we're picking up rime ice here, for a while.

Tower: For all aircraft this frequency - we did have a Dash-8 over the marker that didn't make the airport. He appears to be about 5 miles away from the airport. For Delta 1998, I'm gonna bring you in on the approach - if you could give me a pirep when you get to 2300, and ah, if you have any problem with the localiser, let me know, ****however we're showing all in the green here.****

(Several communications between Tower and pilots of other planes)

Cactus 1452: uh tower, Cactus 1452, is coming up on Klump, and - er - we just, we saw it down.


Of course it could just be ice. Though ice won't explain radio silence before a crash. And icy conditions make a great alibi for airline murder, what better situation to do it. The federal criminals claimed the same alibi when the off'ed Senator Wellstone. Read the book about it.... If you get away with a crime, you just repeat the general same methods as presumably foolproof--until people start to notice.

History will show that the only people who attacked the USA on 9-11-01 were a cabal of its own elites in the military and political institutions. Avoid surprise federal officials, after all just human, continue to kill to keep getting away with their 9-11 crimes and cover up of the past which is the only thing upon which their police state power still rests.